January 30, 2012

#134- It's Demo Time

Can I just take this moment to get a little mushy with you and declare my love for the Hubs?  Seriously, this guy works hard, is an incredible Dad, and and every once and a while he goes and does something entirely romantic, like demoing an entire bathroom while I'm at work.

Yep, that's the stuff that makes my heart go pitter-patter.  

So I left for work on Friday, and even stopped home for lunch to say hello to my boys.  Nothing unusual.  But when I came back after work there was a dumpster in my driveway and nothing in my bathroom.

He even cleanly cut the sheet rock just above all that gross tile to remove it in full sheets.

The shower stall in this bathroom actually protrudes into our furnace room, so this shot is a little crazy.

So Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and we spent the rest of the weekend putting him back together again.  Don't get too high of expectations though, one of my least favorite things about renos is that there is a lot to do when the walls are all open, so that process takes a long time, but once the sheet rock goes back on the walls things go pretty quickly.  Spoiler Alert:  There is definitely no sheet rock yet.

What did you all do this weekend?  Any DIY?  Travel?  I didn't do nearly anything that fun, so please share and let me live through you.  What are friends for?


  1. I worked on our laundry room this past weekend. I am going to be following this bathroom redo of yours quite closely because we're trying to work up the courage to tackle our master bathroom. It is a 1983 custom built dream bathroom, which means it looks like Mr. Belvedere threw up in there...

  2. I worked all weekend and my family left me at home alone. :( Excited to see the bathroom process!!!

  3. Karen- I can't wait to see Mr. Belvedere's bathroom! I'm jealous actually... :)

    Morgan- A whole weekend to yourself? I hope you got a bunch checked off the list!