January 27, 2012

Getting Ready to Demo

We've decided, and we're ready to get moving on the Downstairs Bathroom remodel.  First things first, remove all the items from the room we want to keep.  Good thing for us that list is short.

 PS- That sink is not on that short list.

But this vanity... maybe.  Don't get any crazy ideas, I just think it would be great (sans-sink & new counter)  out in the garage as a work bench & storage.

 I also carefully removed this glass door.  We haven't commited 100% to using it in the new bathroom, but just in case- we've got it.

And this shower fixture is brand new (installed just before we purchased the house in the big plumbing redo), so I carefully removed this pieces to use again.

Removing the sink was a little bit tricky, because instead of having the typical water shut off located right there, I had a couple of brass fittings, connected directly to copper lines that ran up to the faucet.  Boo. 


 So I had to shut off the water to the whole house, and then place on brass caps on these water lines to shut off the water to this room for the duration of the remodel. 

It only took me two trips to Home Depot to buy the right ones.  

The most important part though, is prepping the space.  We've learned our lesson the hard way after countless DIY projects, so this project we really took the time to protect the carpet and space around our demo.

 Here's the Hubs wrapping the steps with old rugs.  Yes, I know there are now fantastic products that stick to the carpet to protect it, but we had these and they were free.  You can't be shocked that we went with the cheap option.

We also used leftover cardboard (from the Master Bathroom Closets) with help from our Lil' Man.

It's going to be a big project weekend, but what about you guys- any big projects this weekend?  Any fun plans or getaways?  I'll be spending my weekend in a tiny gross bathroom, so please share your plans so that I can live through you. 

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