January 26, 2012

We’re Doing a 180

Back on Monday I let my freak flag fly and showed you the crazy process we’re going through to plan the next bathroom remodel.  On Wednesday I showed you Step 1- the clean up of Disaster Closet #3.  Which left us with the Downstairs Bath looking like this:

Not very impressive, huh?  It didn’t help that I have attempted to re-grout the tile white in a few random places:

Or that the Hubs removed the mirror above the sink so that he could admire his manliness while working out.

Which basically left us with a hot mess of a bathroom downstairs, and a soon to be hot mess upstairs.  Not our best planning.  And then we thought, why not do the Downstairs Bath first?  I mean, sure, we use the Main Bath a bit more, and it does have a really sick, dirty tile job that can’t get cleaned and chunky-drippy pink walls....

But the Downstairs Bath is just as far from the Living Room as the Main Bath is (one half story down vs. one half story up), and it’s much closer to the Family Room where we spend most of our time.  Plus, we’re going to have to redo both anyway, so why not start with the smaller, slightly less difficult one?

We sealed the deal when we found this vanity on sale at Home Depot.  It’s the right size, the right colors, and definitely the right price at just $300 for the vanity, the sink and the mirror.  I couldn’t build it with the counter, sink and mirror for that price.

The construction is actually really nice too, with self closing drawers that make maximum use of the space.

Then we found some tiles for the shower and the wall/backsplash that will go perfectly with the new vanity and the leftover floor tiles from Bath Crashers.  (They left us more than enough to tile a second bathroom floor.)

So it’s on like Donkey Kong- bring on the dumpster and get those sledges a swinging!  We’ve taken a bit of a break from the bigger projects in this house (like tearing up the tile floors, laying hardwoods and ripping apart the kitchen) in favor of a few smaller and more fun projects (like building furniture and closet doors), so it’s been awhile since we’ve lived in a crazy construction zone.   Ah... the memories.

The break has been great, as it’s given us a chance to regroup, and we’re actually cautiously optimistic, if not excited for this project.  It helps that we have two other fully functioning bathrooms and no set timeline (unlike our crazy 13 Day Bungalow Bathroom Remodel.)  Don’t get me wrong, we want to get this baby done as soon as possible, but we have the luxury this time to walk away and take a break when needed.  So I’ll warn you now that this will definitely be a real time remodel, with real time curveballs and timelines, but if you’re up for it you’re all invited along on the adventure.

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