February 14, 2012

#137- Part 2- How to Accent with Glass Tile

Once the shower was tiled, it was time to add a little bling to the walls.  You might have been wondering back when we first posted the painted room why the room was painted duo-toned.

The plan is to use just a little of a glass mosaic tile we fell in love with, but was way too pricey to fill a whole wall with, in a minimal way to create a big impact.

My first step was to measure to where the top of the vanity would sit, so that our tile would sit directly behind the sink and double as a back splash.  Beautiful and functional- impressed?
Then I tacked up a nickle colored tile edge track that I had cut to the exact length of the wall.  I made sure I was nailing directly into the studs for a strong connection, and my large, flat head nails held the track up securely.

Then I spread thin set on the wall, directly over the track and on the wall above it.  We cut the 12" x 12" tile sheets in half to make each a 6" x 12" piece, then placed each piece up on on track and firmly into the thin set.  Once I had an entire stretch of wall completed, I topped it with a second piece of track by sliding it carefully behind the tiles and into the thin set .

Which just left a little thin set left to wipe off the top.  And just like that-booyah!

I love the way this tile is bringing our color pallet into the room, and I can't wait to get the rest of the stuff in there already! But first we have grout and floor tile to go.  More to come!


  1. Nice idea! I love the glass tile!

  2. That was cool with the track things. I'm always learning something new here. thanks!

  3. Yep, LOVE it! Looks so much more interesting than typically laid tile.
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