February 13, 2012

#137- Tiling the Shower

Now that we've got the shower all framed out, let's get to #137 on The List, and get some tile on it, shall we?

We found some clear glass mosaic tiles on sale at Home Depot and fell in love.  Glass tiles are usually really expensive, but these were just $3.59 a square foot, which was still pricey for our 61 total square foot shower, we were willing to spend a little bit extra to make this tiny space light, bright and dynamic.   First things first, we had to replace the tile saw blade with one specifically for glass tiles.  I wish I knew this existed back when we tiled the kitchen backsplash.

 The tiles came in 12" x 12" squares, so they were really easy to put up.  First I spread the thin set on the wall with my trowel and scraped it with the notched side at 45 degrees.

 Then I just placed the tiles gently but firmly into the thin set.

 I double checked each tile with a level to make sure it was going up straight.

 The only thing that made these tricky is the half tiles I had to fill in on all my straight edges, which unfortunately in this shower I had six 8 foot tall straight edges. 

The small tiles did make it easy to cut out for the shower fixtures though.  I could cut through the mesh without having to cut any tiles.

And eight exhausting hours later, after many breaks for hanging with Ry, and mostly late at night while he was sleeping, I had this:


 Yep, we're still waiting on the back of that shower ledge- more on that later.


Don't you just want to pet it?  Just me? 


 Things are really coming along, and the Hubs and I are falling into our typical pattern- we are just about to finish one project, and we've got the bug so we can't stop planning for what's next.  Hub's spent any time this weekend that we weren't tiling looking for new rugs for the Living Room and fixtures for the next bath, while I pinned hundreds of images on Pinterest on how I can repaint the Playroom.  We're so bad at this "One Project at a Time" thing.  Seriously.  

But we still spent plenty of time in the bathroom this weekend (that sounded gross- not like too much thai food, we were remodeling people.)  We've got more updates to share tomorrow.  


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