February 3, 2012

Disaster Closet #4

Here we go again, another chance for me to open my closets and embarrass myself.  This, my friends, is my broom closet:

  We're on our third broom hooks.  Clearly the one that affixed with mounting tape was a bad idea.

And without a hook, everything just falls to the floor.

PS- this is the handle to our Swifter Wet Jet.  Apparently the Hubs was using a bit too much muscle when he was moppin'.  How is that even possible?

I stared by patching and  painting the back wall.  To be honest, I would have usually just slapped a new broom hook up there and called it a day, but I knew you all would be looking at this, and you keep me honest.  Slave drivers.

Then I got a new broom hook, and this time used my favorite expandable wall anchors to make sure this guy goes in tight, and stays up this time.

This guy is not moving.

And with that little, helpful piece of organization, I could put everything back in.  Nicely this time.

My new, non-broken Swifter hangs really nice now.

I keep our cleaning supplies up on this top cupboard so we never have to worry about the little monkey digging in under the sink.

And look at all that room on the floor:



Alright, so this tiny little closet clean up is not the most exciting post for a Friday morning, but you all will have to cut me a little slack.  We are in the middle of a crazy bathroom remodel, (on top of being full time employees and parents) and there's not much time to do anything else.  The good news is that I plan to get a bunch done in the bathroom this weekend, and get working on some posts so you all can see the progress.  It's coming together!

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  1. Hi! I found my way here from a YHL comment. Nice job on the closet! :)