April 5, 2012

#65- Take Me to Tile Town

I'm so excited team- it's time to finally start with #65 on The List, floor tile! What a difference a little bit of finishing makes.  First let's quick talk about the "befores" to tile laying.  If you don't plan it out in advance, you could end up with a room resembling the morning after at the Jersey Shore (i.e.- hot mess.)

First I always measure the length and the width of my room to see if I will be able to fit full tiles.  Luckily my length was exactly 9 feet which would fit 4 and a half 24" tiles perfectly.  The width was a little over 5' however, at 5'4".  So to make it look good, instead of having 5 full tiles and one skinny four inch tile against one of the walls, I planned for 4 full 12" tiles, and 2 8" tiles on the outside.  Symmetry makes me happy.

Here we are getting started.  Note the 8" tile width on the right side, and then the full 12" tiles in the middle.  Don't note all the garbage sitting in our bathtub.  I have no words.

This little water closet place-where-the-potty-goes room was a little tricky.  Even though we've chosen to still keep these as two rooms, I'm doing everything I can in my design to make them feel more open to each other, and flow into one another better.  In the case of the tile, I wanted it to feel like the floor pattern was consistent, regardless of the fact that there was a wall there.  I must have spent and hour (or two if I'm honest) cutting and dry fitting all the cut and awkward tiles for this space before I finally laid the thin-set to get them down permanently. 

In the end it was totally worth it.  I love how these tiles flow from one room into the other seamlessly.  And the fact that two 12" tiles + 8" tile fit perfectly in my doorway, just fantastic dumb luck.

 I'm loving how the wall color totally picks up on the grayish color in the tile.  Everything is working out according to my plan... (cue evil laugh)

I'm totally digging these extra long 24"x 12" tiles laid in a break pattern like Zach Morris digs big phones.   Not only do they look sleek, clean and modern, but after the tricky toilet room was laid, the rest went in super fast.  Bigger tiles = Less work = Happy DIYer.

And I'm going to be even happier when we get some grout on these bad boys and get that toilet back in.  What do you all think?  Good, natural modern choice? Maybe not quite your style or vibe?  I do love the look of small hex or penny tile on a bathroom floor too, but so far I'm feeling pretty good about this choice.  Especially for the $1.39 a square foot amaze-balls price! Hopefully we'll have as good of luck with our tile up on the walls.

If you're just joining us, here's a look back at the Main Bath project so far:


  1. Totally jealous of your DIY-luck with the tiles landing perfectly in the doorway. That would never happen in my house. The husband and I joke we must have used up all our luck when we were teenagers, because we don't seem to have any now. :) It looks fantastic!!

  2. I love that long tile shape! It's so unexpected in a small bathroom but I bet it makes the room feel longer. Cool choice!