August 22, 2012

Painting the Nursery

If it seems like things are moving much more slowly over here at One Project at a Time, it's because this preggo lady is moving a lot slower these days.  Well into my third trimester, I'm finally learning being forced by my body to slow down, which means the pace of projects over here is going a bit slower.  We're still working on new projects everyday, its just taking me a little longer to complete them and show you these days.  And in some cases, like painting the playroom, I'm completely at the mercy of the Hubs.  If you remember, the previous owners left us with the yellow and blue Ikea creation.

Which included this unfortunate cupboard over an electrical panel:

And an awkward built-in-dresser that we removed.

 This past weekend the Hubs finally had time to get to painting, which is good because Lord knows I don't have the balance to be way up on that ladder right now.

The ceilings in this room are no joke.  In the photo above the blue wall starts at 9 feet high, which puts the peak at around 14 feet.  "No thank you," said the girl who hates ladders.

But at the end of the day, check out our big and spacious looking clean pallet:

I've never been this excited about a new completely blank wall.  The electrical box almost disappears into the wall, and I'm betting you won't even see it once we put the daybed in front of it. (Which will also prevent little hands from opening it.)

The color is neutral, but makes the room feel so much bigger and more open.  I hadn't realized how much the dark blue on the peaks made the room look shorter.  Now, you walk into the room and your eyes instantly go up to the gorgeous ceiling and skylights. 



If you're concerned that the color is a little too bland, especially for a baby's room, don't worry.  We're about to make this room a whole lot more fun with some pops of accessories in a rust orange, starting with this rug.

Obviously I have a lot more more to go to balance everything out with window treatments and wall decor, but at least I have a crisp, clean surface to get started with.  I'm so excited for the projects ahead which include a little building, a little sewing, and a little home made art. Next up: the daybed, which I can't wait to show you guys.  The Hubs just needs to help me get it in the house first.  (Hint hint baby.)

What have you guys been working on lately?  Any painting?  It took me a long time (and lots of bad paint jobs) to realize that the best look for me is a more neutral pallet on the walls that we can brighten up with accessories.  Do you guys prefer to go neutral or bold on the walls? 

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