August 14, 2012

Un-build the Built-in

Alright, we're back and ready to tackle this Nursery already.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get started.  Since January I've been plotting and planning for this little room, but first we promised to complete 2 full bathroom remodels and a huge step refacing project.  Nearly 8 months later we've finally finished all the other little massive projects, and it's time for some fun. 

Just after the step project friends and family asked, "What's next?" and I'd respond, "Just the Nursery" to which I'd often hear the response, "That one will be pretty easy right?  Just some paint and some decorating."  Sure... just paint and decorating... and building a bed... and re-patching a wall.  But in theory, pretty quick and easy. 

So here's the first issue- the built-in dresser.

Listing Photo
Let me start by saying that I'm not crazy.  I know not everyone will feel the same way, but I hate that  dresser.  I mean, the appearance isn't terrible, but the location and the placement on the wall is super awkward.  It's right next to an electrical panel, which is super conveniently located at kid level in this children's bedroom.  (Thanks for that architect.) 

The off center placement on the most useable wall in the room, makes this wall, well... unusable.  The far wall (under the now blue overhang) will work nicely for the crib, but with the current layout there is no where to put the daybed except directly in front of the door as you walk in the room. 

I don't mind built-in dressers in general, in fact I think they are fantastic in attic rooms or dormers as a way to make a short or unusable space useful.  But in this case, I can't really place any furniture on the biggest wall in the room.  Not to mention that this is a Nursery, so the dresser I do have I'd like to be able to place a changing table on top of.

 Another shot from the other corner so you can see how off center it is.
So for all of you that despite my complaining still love the dresser, I'm going to apologize right now, because I'm about to tear that bad boy out.

Step #1- Remove the drawers.

Step #2- Remove the trim.

At this point I was planning on saving the trim and the drawers in the attic and covering the hole with drywall in a way that I could always rip it out and put the dresser back in, when the Hubs and I had this conversation.

Hubs- "Wait- why are you saving the drawers?"
Me- "Just in case we ever regret it and want to put the drawers back in."
Hubs- "Why are you taking them out?"
Me- "Because they are totally awkward and off center and make a huge part of the room unusable."
Hubs- "And when is it you think that you will want a built in dresser that is totally awkward and off center and makes a huge part of the room unusable?"
Me- "Touche."

Step #3- So he went to work tearing the whole thing out.  I think he secretly just wanted to demo more.


Leaving this crazy, ugly hole in my baby's room.

 Step #4- Use my Dremel Multi Max (best tool I own) to cut back the sheet rock slightly create a ledge that the new sheet rock can sit on.

4 year old paparazzi strikes again.  In this one he told Boomer to say cheese.

 Step #5- Put on new piece of sheet rock.  (Luckily we had extra in the garage left over from the bathroom projects.)

Step #6- Mud and tape the seams.  (I do this twice because I'm a perfectionist  terrible at drywall.)

Step #7- Sand that mud like crazy until you have a smooth and seamless surface.  Then cover it all with primer.


And there we have it, one built-in dresser free room.  Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the electrical panel (without spending a small fortune on an electrician),  but we're hoping that if we paint the panel the same color as the wall and put the daybed in front of it that it will virtually disappear.  (Fingers crossed.) 

So there you have it, 1 night of work and $0 later, I have a wall that is ready for the Hubs to paint it, and then put a daybed in front of it.  First I need to build said daybed... wish me luck.

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  1. I am with you on this one, that dresser was pretty horrendous. It is looking better already primer and all :)