September 24, 2012

DIY Faux Rhino Mount

From the get go this Nursery plan was begging for some sort of faux animal head mounted on the wall.  We considered moving these ones from the Loft, or even purchasing this amazing one from West Elm.  There are so many different variations out there on this idea right now, from porcelain, cardboard, papier-mache and acrylic.  But when I found an easy to DIY wooden inspiration, I knew it was my chance to make a super affordable one AND get to use my saw again. Crafting is so much better when it includes saws.  

I started by sketching out on the computer how I wanted my shapes to look.  Then I printed this rhino and this mount on 11 x 17 paper, which I've uploaded so you can do too if you'd like to give it a try.

Then I went to Home Depot and picked up 1 1"x12"x4' solid pine board for $4.88.  I had a bunch of extra 3/4" plywood at my house that I could have used, but I wanted the edges to be finished since I was planning to stain it.  It you're going to paint, MDF or Plywood would work just fine.

Next I cut out my shapes and traced them out on my board.  I used a jig saw to very carefully cut out each one.  It took a little time and patience, but luckily wasn't that difficult.

Then I sanded all the edges smooth with a 220 grit sanding block. I rounded the edges just a bit while sanding so that it wouldn't be too sharp.

Next I used my paper template, folded in half to find the exact center of my mount.

Using wood glue and two 1 1/4" screws from the back I attached the rhino to the mount.  Make sure to drill a couple of pilot holes with a drill bit first so that you don't split the wood of your rhino when the screws go in. 

I found a can of dark walnut stain in my supplies and applied 4 coats total to get a nice, dark color. 

And attached a simple handing hook I had left over from another project.

Don't mind the unfinished back, no one will ever see it.  And here's Mr Big Horn all complete and up on the wall.  (Don't be gross, my 4 year old came up with that name... sicko....)

You may notice that I have a few other things up on the wall that I can't wait to show you guys, because this Nursery is nearly done!  But that's a post for later this week.  For now- what do you guys think?  Am I the only one that loves a good faux animal mount?  Have you made or purchased any for your house?  I love the rustic, lodgey feel it gives this house.  Yep, lodgey is definitely a word.  Don't bother looking it up.  Really. 


  1. Great job! I am loving the photos. All your work on white balancing is really shining through!

  2. This just might be my favorite thing you have ever done. It looks amazing.

  3. I love it - great work! I put a faux deer head in our nursery so I'm right there with ya. :)