December 20, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Holiday Crafts

I may not have had a lot of spare time lately to work on some projects of my own, but this hopeless Christmas fanatic definitely made time for a few Pinterest inspired holiday crafts for my kiddos.  We started the season with this awesome countdown to Christmas Santa:

 Ryder has loved adding another puff to the beard each day, and races out to get the cotton ball on first thing every morning.  (Even before this tired Mama wakes up- note the glue drip, not to be confused with a frozen Santa booger.)

We also made a little art of our own thanks to a pack of colorful paints and a few wiggly little fingers, thanks to this idea.


This Type A, highly structured activity wasn't the party time that my little Captain Chaos was hoping for, so I made sure to let him get all his crazy out with the paints on some blank paper before and after the craft.  We all need to know and embrace our limits.

But we didn't leave Boden out of the fun, even if his best project so far has been projectile spit up.  I loved this idea for a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament, and used blue glitter clay from Micheal's to make one of our own:

Full disclosure, this is not my best work, but I also had a little problem of how to display our holiday cards that were piling up on the Dining Room table.  Cue a string of twine, a few thumb tacks and some clothes pin.  BAM!  Holiday card display on an otherwise boring and empty wall.

Note to self- plan for holiday card display earlier in 2013.  How about you guys- any fun holiday crafts on the schedule?  We haven't yet made Christmas cookies, which is sure to be an all out disaster.  I can't wait. 

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