January 21, 2014

We Can Finally Sleep!

It's amazing what a decent night sleep you can get when it doesn't feel like the walls are screaming at you.  (Well, that is as long as your baby isn't screaming at you. But that's another story.) After all the striping, washing, sanding and prepping, it was finally time to start painting the cabin bedrooms.  First, let's say one last goodbye. 

Luckily this stuff peeled off in one easy sheet at a time.  Most of it anyway...

We piled all the furniture in the center of the room since there was no where else to put it, and covered it with tarps.

Each room needed two coats of primer and two coats of Paint + Primer in one.  There is nothing worse than starting to paint a room and realizing you'll have to paint it four times to kick you while you're down.  Oh, and there are two rooms.  So eight total painting sessions.  Somebody hold me.

Here's the room with 2 coats of primer.  A completely unsatisfying 3 hours of my life.

Luckily, getting the paint on the walls made a much bigger impact.  We used the same "Aged Beige" that we used out in the Cabin Living Room.  I love everything about this color except for the name.  I usually try to stay away from beige as it tends to have a pink hue, but this color never looks pink or blue.  Sometimes it looks a little clay/gray, sometimes its more cream/tan, and it works fantastically with white or wood trim. 

I'm really loving the wood trim in these rooms.  It's not usually my bag, but I love how it warms up the space and gives it that cottagey feel. And how about this dresser below that came with the place?  (We bought it furnished.)  I love the wood pattern and textures.  A little new hardware and I think this piece will be a stunner.

Obviously we still have a lot to do with these rooms (window treatments, bedding, art, accessories...) but I've never been so thrilled to get to a blank slate that we can work with.

Maybe you can appreciate it more if I give you a little before and afters to see just how far these rooms have come.



Now comes the fun part!  But before we get to pretty decor, we've got some major work to do out there in the main living space. More on that soon- we have a lot of fun ahead of us with this place!

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  1. Wow! Amazing work, Erin. Keep on truckin'!