January 13, 2014

I Hate Wallpaper, Part 2

Let's take it back about 6 months to our exciting new project- our new to us, fabulously wallpapered cabin up north.  And when I say wallpapered, I mean wallpapered.

And a little reminder of our woodland creatures explosion:


So back in the end of July we got a little peeling happy and started ripping down paper.  Then then we spent 24 painful hours striping the wall paper out of the living room.  And then we promptly proceeded to ignore the mess we had made in the other rooms, and spent six months pretending that the wall paper didn't exist.  You can barely tell, right?

It wasn't our best plan, or my proudest moment, but we needed time before we took on the huge task that is striping layers of wallpaper and glue off paneling.  But now that the summer is done, and the beautiful fall is over, and the holidays are past, we have no excuse but to get back to work.  I mean I'd rather work now when it's 20 degrees outside then this summer when the gorgeous weather outside is mocking me. 

Speaking of mocking me, shut up you paste covered paneling.


Once again we used our trusty streamer, following directly behind it with the scraper.  It was slow going, and the first bedroom took an entire day of scraping to finally get clean.  It felt like Groundhog Day.

After the streamer got most of the paste off, on day two we scrubbed the walls with hot water and vinegar and wiped them down.  Then we had to sand them all down first with a course, 80 grit paper, and finally with a smooth 220 grit.  Once everything was wiped down with a microfiber cloth, we were ready to finally prime.  But we were also ready to go home.  Big time.  It was already a super long weekend.  There's nothing like working your ass off for an entire weekend and leaving this beauty behind:

Yikes.  We can't paint soon enough.  More to come!

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