March 10, 2014

More Master Bedroom Decisions

I can't thank you all enough for sounding off on the great window debate!

To be honest, from the beginning I've felt like windows into the Living Room would make the most sense based on how the house was built, but I was certain that I may be the only human in the world that felt that way.  Hearing all you (surprisingly) agree with me, was the push I needed to get over the hump.  That doesn't mean that I won't still place a window out on this wall to the backyard someday...

A few of you mentioned plantation shutters, which I agree would be a really good option, but I probably didn't describe well enough that the biggest problem with these 'holes' is the sound.  The Hubs goes to bed and wakes up really early, and the sound just echos through the house with all the open and high ceilings.  Which means I wake him up at night if I even open the dishwasher in the kitchen below, and the Hubs wakes me up just walking down the stairs in the morning.  

It. Has. To. Stop.

This amazing little option was brought to my attention though, and I'm totally smitten.

Gorgeous- right?  I can even see making these 3 holes one big one with these fold out windows like this.  I haven't gotten a price back yet, which will likely pop my little bubble, but for right now I'm lusting after these windows. Big time.

In the mean time, we're starting to come up with a plan for the fireplace situation. 


What fireplace situation you ask?  This one.

Bath Crashers put in this fireplace, and it has always felt really weird to us.  Not only is it free floating in the room,  but it is shorter than the wardrobes next to it.

It is also oddly positioned partially in front of the Hub's wardrobe, overlapping it by about 6 inches.  We're not sure why, and it just isn't working for us.  People are always like, "What's with the fireplace, was it always here?"  Yeah... uh no.

So the plan is to dismantle this little stack, keeping the cool fireplace box, and reinstall it into a full wall (floor to ceiling), that spans just halfway across the room, bringing a little more distinction between the two spaces.  Then we would wrap this fun, new, focal, fireplace wall with some sort of treatment.  Like tile:

Or wood:

Since you guys provided such great feedback on the last big choice- would please sound off on this one?  Do you like the tile, which could tie into the marble sink and make that space feel a little more cohesive? 

 Or do you prefer the wood which gives us more of the rustic vibe we're looking for in this house?  It's likely that the tile will cost much more, but we don't want to make a decision based on price alone in this forever house.  So if I could ask for this favor one more time, I can't wait to get your opinions and get moving on this weird room of ours. 


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  2. Question... Is wood safe around a fireplace?

    1. Yes. The fire box is self contained and the wood would be completely outside the required area per the code/specs. Good question though!

  3. I think wood would look better, cozier and more cohesive with the house. I would only do tile if it would really chop up the bathroom, but since it looks like it's the divider between the rooms, I would think it'd look ok. Also, since the wardrobes behind it are wood I think it would seem pretty cohesive.

  4. What about wood on the bed side and tile on the bath side? If you are only going to choose one, then I vote all wood.

  5. I totally agree with Sherrie! Beautiful home, btw!

  6. I love your choice of windows, Erin. For sure, it will boost the curb appeal of your home, wouldn't it? Large windows are usually preferred since it allows more light to enter the house, decreasing the use of lights and energy bills. Please update me if you already have a final decision with your window treatments. Thank you so much. :)

    Greg Arnett