March 20, 2014

My Favorite Home Improvement Ever

So if I'm honest, I have to tell you that I never really intended on sharing this home update.  Mostly because I figured you all would think I'm crazy.  But ever since we completed my favorite home improvement project ever, I can't help but share it with people.  I literally have caught myself telling friends, family and co-workers all about "the best thing we ever did."  And funny enough, if they are parents, most of them agree.  

Let me introduce you to our new master bedroom doorknob. 

Is your mind blown yet?   

Or do you think I'm insane?

Let me explain.  Ever since Bath Crashers came and remodeled our Master Bathroom, our bedroom, bathroom and closet are all one, big open space.  If I am changing, showering or using the restroom, there is literally no where to hide.  Thankfully Bath Crashers installed a pocket door to our potty after we begged, but the lock has never worked, and if you have young children you know that closed doors mean absolutely nothing to them.  While I think the boys are still much to little to care, the Hubs feels strongly that if a young boy sees his mom naked at 5, it will ruin him for life.  So I've spent the last year or so trying to avoid mentally destroying my children.  Which made it virtually impossible to shower.  Have I mentioned that there is no where to hide?

Obviously I could lock our bedroom door, but the Hubs and I kept accidentally locking each other out of the space while we showered or used the bathroom, which is super frustrating when you left your phone on the nightstand and you just need to get to work.  It wasn't working for either of us.  About a week ago I finally broke.

"All I want it to be naked in my own home." -Erin

"That's all I want for you too." -Jason

And so it was on.  After a little internet research I picked up this guy for $110 at Lowes.  It was a small price to pay to regain my privacy.

The old knob got the boot.

 And I first installed the new lock mechanism.

Then the key pad slides on.

And you pull the wires through the back side of the door.

That thumbprint stain is left over from our Bath Crasher friends.  Awesome.
 Next you connect the wires and the backside of the knob on. 

Then there's nothing left but attaching the handles, putting in the batteries and setting the code.  There is also a set of keys that we hid elsewhere in our house just in case the battery ever dies, but apparently an alarm goes off before that happens, so I can't imagine that we'll ever get locked out. 

So yes, my Master Bedroom door is always locked, and only the Hubs and I know the code to get in.  There's even an auto-locking function that relocks the door automatically 30 second after you open it. It's a total game changer.  My bed stays made, the trash doesn't get pulled apart by my toddler, and I can finally be naked in my own home.  It's liberating I tell you!

Not that the boys are ever far away.  With our wall of windows open to the house I can still see and hear everything.  And I can usually spot my little monkeys right here waiting for me.

It's the best of both worlds.


  1. haha! This cracks me up. I've got to little boys too (4 and 1.5) and my husband has the same scarring theory. Glad you've regained some of your privacy and ability to shower ;)

  2. Josh!!!! Mind Blowing Idea! Whene I start reading your article I guess you just crazy, but after some times I really understand what you try to say. Everyone should renovate the door locker I think. Thank's for your sharing.

  3. Hahaha, this is hilarious but makes so much sense. Glad you're getting a little privacy!


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