July 8, 2014

Adios to the Purple Door

I don't know what it is about this house, but there are a few lingering projects that I was CERTAIN that we were going to take on immediately after moving in, but somehow are still holding out.  It took us well over two years to tackle the Cat Closet Door, and we are still himming and hawing on the Master Bedroom HolesWindows.  But the most shameful, should have done it sooner, project is our bright purple door.
So finally, on a nice day with the kiddos in bed for nap, it was door painting time.  I started by removing the hardware, washing and even lightly sanding the door where purple paint drips threatened my sanity. 

I like to first use a brush to fill in the details of the panels, and then immediately follow with a 4" microfiber roller on the spaces around it.  In this case, with 15 panels, I attacked a couple of rows at a time.

When it was done, maybe 20 minutes and $3 test pot later, I felt like an idiot for hating my front door for 3 years and not doing anything about it.

This wet paint looks a little more "I'm Really Not A Waitress Red" than it is in reality, but apparently I have a thing for houses with red doors.

Our First Home
Here's the finished (just-a-few-years-late) product:

Come on knock on my door...

And now this view of the stairs is much more palatable.

Anyone else tackle a long awaited project recently?  Am I the only one that stares at bad paint for 3 years without changing it?  Let's not dwell, it's pretty now.  Right?


  1. Love to see your purple door! I think that would be a personal choice. It looks nice to paint the entire door. Really I want to paint my front door a nice purple. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Perfect! I love the new color of your front door. Red is always fierce and beautiful. Although it took you some time to have that door painted up, I still think that it's way better late than never. Haha! That vertical-fixed window is just amazing. It's the very epitome of what a porch window is designed for. To let the light in and to give a sneak peek of the beauty that awaits them inside. Anyway, I hope all your other future projects meet the same level of success as that one. Kudos!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express