June 11, 2014

Update an Old Ceiling Fan

Along with the super fun kitchen lighting we recently installed, we also did a little updating to the fan located between the Kitchen and the Living Room.   We confirmed quickly that a ceiling fan was necessary in this space to take the cool lake air from off the Screened In Porch and circulate it through the rest of the cabin.  But it didn't need to be such an eyesore.

Alright, that's admittedly not a great image of the fan,  but I was so quick to take this baby apart, that's the only photo I found with it all intact.  As you can see, it dropped down pretty low into the space.

It also featured the wicker accent panels, which somebody decided was a good idea at some point. 
But the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the fluted glass sconces.  There's nothing that says rustic lodge about these guys.

Also- close up on that linoleum.  Yikes.
Obviosuly step one was to remove the fan and leave a gross, aged spot on the ceiling.

We found this more streamlined, modern fan at Menard's.  If you haven't noticed, I've had really great luck finding affordable lighting there. 

Then we assemled the fan on the ground, which took a lot longer than I anticipated, so I was grateful we weren't doing it all overhead while balancing on a step stool.

Once it was assembled, hanging it up was pretty simple. 

The new fan's base covered most of the dirty spot on the ceiling, but we did need to use a little ceiling paint to touch it up.  That led to the inevitable "should we remove the popcorn ceiling" conversation, to which I responded, "No way in Hell."  You may remember why here and here.

But that's the new fan, and in the title I mentioned updating an old one.  The original plan was to take the first fan and move it into our new third bedroom.  This new room needed a light, and having a ceiling fan in a cabin bedroom seems like a must.  We'd like to keep the air off and enjoy the actual weather up here when it's tolerable, but it helps to be cool while you sleep.  I figured out last year that I spend most of my life going from one climate controlled environment to another, and it made me kind of sad.  I mean what's wrong with feeling a little warm, or feeling a little cool and throwing on a sweater now and then?  It's the world we live in, and especially up at a place like this cabin, I'd like to enjoy it.

So putting the fan up in the third bedroom seemed like a good idea, but I just couldn't get myself to hang that ugly thing back up.  Instead, I hit up Menard's and found 3 new glass light shades for just $4 each, and a pack of new fan blades for $11.  I gave the big brassy base a bunch of light and even coats of spray paint first in Old Rubbed Bronze, and here's the result:

How about that $23 upgrade?

I think it looks like a brand-spankin' new fan.  I had no idea that they sold replacement fan blades, but I think this would be an easy way for most people to upgrade their old fans.  Since this ceiling has the cedar planks, I like that we darkened up this fan too so it didn't just blend in. 

We've still got a way to go on this bedroom (like removing the door and making it a window- no small task!) but at least we have a light overhead, and the promise of a cool night's sleep.  I'll take the win for now.


  1. Hi!

    I've been reading your blog from the beginning, completely in awe with what you've accomplished and what you're able to DIY.

    I know this is not the topic of this posts, but being the most recent one, your chances of finding this comment seem higher. I'm commenting now, when I've never done so before, because this post (http://turtlehousemi.blogspot.com.es/2013/08/pocket-door-part-1.html) I've found by chance has made me think of your bedroom windows; could be this the solution you're looking for? Probably with some adaptation/modification to fit that wall...

    Keep the great work, the great posts, and enjoy your home and your cabin!


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