September 5, 2014

The Cabin Porch

While the rest of the cabin was getting an upgrade with new wood floors, new counters, new sink and new carpet, we didn't want to leave the screened in porch out.  Remember this guy?

If you can't tell the carpet was bad.  I mean, really bad. 

I don't know what that is, and I don't want to.

So... surprise!!!  We upgraded it too.

This all weather carpet sometimes looks gray, sometimes blue and sometimes even green.  It's pretty neutral and a nice way to break up the all wood surround.

We inherited this table and chairs from my Mom's old family cabin, and she recovered the seats.  I like the retro style of the set, but it feels like some tweaking may be in order now that the new carpet is in.  Maybe it's the color of the carpet and the color of the stripes, or the checkered pattern on the floor with the stripes... something is not quite there for me with this one.  But all in good time.

The room took a huge leap forward when my Dad built this daybed.

A couch during the day and a bed at night, this baby is the definition of function.  I can tell you from experience that there is nothing better than sleeping out in the screened in porch on a cool summer evening.  Heaven.

My Mom purchased some bright and fun pillows for the bed, as well as this bright yellow chair.

We jokingly refer to this room as Ryder's Office, (although he's not joking at all, it's serious business to him.)  This little cabinet next to the chair currently holds coloring books, crayons, stickers, puzzles and all sorts of art supplies.  It's overflowing and we're looking for a better solution.  Maybe something like this locker from Ikea:

To be honest, I haven't really thought about the style of this room too much yet.  There are so many spaces that we're trying to overhaul up at this cabin, for me, this one can wait. Which is why we currently have a dorm fridge functioning as an end table and a place to set our 1990's CD and cassette player.

Because M.C. Hammer and The Jets, that's why. 

We found two cassette tapes- M.C. Hammer, "Please Don't Hurt 'Em" and The Jets "Magic".  My boys are obsessed, and listen to the Jets on auto-repeat.  I've caught Ryder singing, "Cross my broken heart boy..." in the car at least a dozen times, but shamefully not quick enough to get it on video. 

For now this beer-fridge-end-table stays, but when we upgrade and get a second fridge out in the garage, we'll get something a little more functional here.  Maybe an antique trunk that can double as an end table and a storage space for the daybed linens?

I'll have to work on a mood board, because right now this room seems to have multiple personalities.  It's one part wooded lodge, one part bright bold patterns, and another part old decor and furniture we can't get rid of.

Speaking of can't get rid of...

This is my father's taxidermied fish and a map of the lake.  My Dad told me that I'm not allowed to remove it until he "kicks the bucket."  Since I plan on him being with us for decades to come, I'm going to have to come up with a solution to make these pieces work. 

I'm in love with this cozy and whitewashed & 'gray-washed"  inspiration from LizMarieBlog.
From here
While that's nothing like the bright patterns and colors we have in this room now, can't you just see it in our vaulted ceiling space? 

What would you guys do?  As a sort-of-indoor/sort-of-outdoor room, we can make this space cohesive with the rest of the cabin, or we can take the liberty to give it it's own distinct feel.  Would you vote team bright colors and bold patterns, or team soft and rustic?  Would you paint these wood walls and/or ceiling, or use them as the bases of a lived in lodge feel?  Or maybe you have a completely different and genius idea in mind... please, do share!  I need a little nudge in this room.

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  1. Your cabin is awesome! Keep all the awesome posts coming - I love all your ideas (and energy)!