November 5, 2014

Portico Light

Did I mention that we got our new light in for the portico?

When I last left you we had all but finished the portico project, but we were still waiting on our special order light.  I looked at a bunch of different lights, and was trying to find the right combination of barn light and nautical.  Oh yeah, and low price.  Low price was a BIG priority.  Here were my favorites:

The top left and bottom right are both from Barn Light Electric, which I love, but they were both a bit too spendy for my budget.  I also really wanted 2 bulbs here to bring a lot of light which eliminated the top left, and I wanted a little bit of cover over and not just exposed bulbs, which eliminated the bottom right. 

My favorite was the bottom left, which I found at  A little bit rustic with the seeded glass, a little bit nautical with the cage.  Unfortunately it only had one bulb, and my parents convinced me that the seeded glass would fill each week full of dead bugs, and that we'd constantly be removing the glass to empty it.  They are right, there's a crazy amount of bugs up here, and there's nothing that ruins a good fixture more than a illuminated pile of dead insects.

That left the flush mount in the top right.  This piece definitely had a nautical feel and two bright bulbs. The slightly frosted glass helps to hide the bulbs and any bug accumulation.  But the best part, is that this light was the cheapest by far at only $39.99.  I love the stark black against the bright white ceiling.

I think it works well to fill the concave space of the portico, but it doesn't hang down too low that it takes away from it or would provide an opportunity to hit your head.

It looks just as good at night:


As it does at dusk:

We've had it up for a couple of weeks now, and I'm really happy with the choice.  I'm also thrilled that this door looks like a real deal, bonafide entry now. I mean, it wasn't that long ago that our new door was looking pretty sad with some make shift concrete block steps:

And now it looks intentional and beautiful with the new deck, portico and welcoming light. 

What a year it's been up at this cabin so far.  We've gotten SO much done!  I'm not going to lie, for awhile there it got pretty overwhelming, and every time we came up we were facing a new major project and challenge.  But I feel like we've made it over the hill now.  Not complete, but at least on the downward slope. We're coasting.  We get to take on projects when we want to and when we're ready, not because we have to.  And we have an amazing place to show for it. 


  1. This looks pretty.
    Love the red color too;)

  2. I love everything you've done to your cabin! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays!