April 3, 2015

Please- Help Me Choose Cabin Art!

While I'm Up North this week happily homeless, I've been itching to make this place feel more like home.  So I was thrilled when Minted reached out and asked me to take a look at their custom art collection.  I've heard about Minted before, and although I've never used them, I think they have some really adorable invites and announcements.  I wish I could get these super sweet moving announcements, but alas... we're not there yet.
Compass To Home

What I am ready for is some beautiful, unique and original artwork for our bare walls and shelves at the cabin.  The problem is that I fell in love with so many prints - I need you all to reign me in and help me decide!  

There's the very literal boat/cabin themed ones:
On the Docks
Let's Get Paddles

This one would look great in The Knots Room:
Oh Buoy

Or this group of rustic, woodsy prints.  

Serene Forest
This fun moose print that would look great in the Bunk House Room.

The Morning Walk

It could look great with this piece (one of my favorites) as a part of a group or gallery:

No 1-A

Then there are these barn/Midwest ones that feel very quaint and peaceful, and seem to fit with the landscape around us.

Once Home

Rural Midwest
Rolling Plains

Golden Country
Glass River

But what I think I like most are these seasons images, since in my personal opinion there is no better place on Earth than up at this cabin to watch the seasons change.


Autumn Explosion

Forest Snow


Field of Sunshine

And then there are just these sky/landscape/sunset prints with great colors.

Sunset Fade No 1

This one is just stunning.  I think it's my favorite. 

Gentle Tempest

So what do you guys think?  If you could buy one or two, which would you get?  We have so many spaces that could use some love, but especially the bedrooms and those big, beautiful Living Room built ins I made and can't wait to get installed.  Please vote in the comments for your favorites- I need you guys! 


  1. Hmmm, my initial reaction thinking about the cabin spaces you've shared leans towards Oh Buoy, Serene Forest, No 1-A, Forest Snow and/or Sunset Fade No 1. They seem like the right combination of unique yet similar and all fit nicely together without looking too much like a series. I love artwork that blends but looks like it could have been slowly accumulated over time.

  2. I like On the Docks and Once Home. Congrats on the new adventure!

  3. I like the seasons prints.

  4. I love Field of sunshine and lets get paddles. Once home is beautiful but a little lonely and sad. I have a thing for water colours so I love all of those. But a pick of two then it's the two first once i mentioned.