October 2, 2014

Coastal Bedroom Design

After months of the big and intense projects at our Cabin Up North, (like adding a bedroom, moving a door, building a deck, building a portico, installing new counter tops, and installing wood floors), we've finally reached the part of this renovation where we can start thinking about the decor and design.  Hallelujah- we get to start making this place look like a well-loved, lived in home!

It's not going to be quick though.  Like I've mentioned before, the trick to keeping this reno affordable is to take our time to find the right pieces.  Sure, I could go spend a fortune at Home Goods and West Elm and have this place looking top notch in a few weeks, but our budget dictates that we keep an eye on clearance racks, online sales and antique shops and pick up pieces as we go.  In order for that to work though, you need a good plan and visual of what you're looking for, so that you spend your money on the right items. 

So let's kick off the first in our three part series, Cabin Bedroom Mood Boards.  Let's start with room one, which hosts a queen sized bed and antique dresser on the far right side of the house.

Here's the plan, which I'm calling the "Knots Room."

1. My Mom had previously purchased this fun Crate & Barrel duvet cover and these Tommy Hilfiger Main Sail sheets, so they had to serve as the basis of my design.


The sheets have a little more punch of color than the rest of the cabin vibe, so I took the opportunity to play with navy and coral and embrace this sort of coastal vibe.  Now admittedly, Northern Minnesota is far from the coast, but the knots and nautical decor really spoke to me.  My Grandfather was in the navy, and we all have very vivid memories from our old family cabin of Grandpa's various knots and apparatuses. This will be a fun chance to bring some family history into this room, and maybe include a vintage photo of him in uniform.

2. I love this idea of a three frame set mounted next to each other to fill the major focal point above the bed.  Rather than using coral, I'd like to frame three knot illustrations that I've been working on in Photoshop.  Maybe something like this:

3. Pillows in navy and coral will bring the color pallet together and combined with navy shams will help anchor the bed a little bit more. So you don't have to scroll up and down, here's a reminder:

4. Bamboo shades paired with breezy white curtain panels and contrasting dark rods will really expand the windows, bringing in texture and softness.

5. I'd love a good rope lamp on the nightstand in the far corner of the room to bring height, not to mention functionality.  I'm hoping to make one with one of the spare lamps we got with the cabin, or a thrift store find.

6. I'm not going to lie, this nautical inspired shelf may go too far into the "theme", but I did like the casual ease of it.  It certainly would be easy to make, and could host some current and vintage family photos.  I'll revisit this piece as the room starts coming together to see if it fits or if it feels like "too much."

7. Again, this may be a bit too "themey," but I love the idea of DIYing a fish frame like this, and using it to frame some photos of the grand kids first time fishing, or even my brother and I fishing back when we were kids. That frame could help fill the wall to the right or left of the dresser.

8. Mason jars or vases filled with rope could be a nice, subtle and affordable decor item to set on the dresser. 

9.  This cool knot print would be overkill if I framed the knots above the bed, but it was my inspiration for the illustrated rope prints and I love the vintage look to it. 

So that's the road map for Bedroom #1.  Getting the window treatments up quickly will make a big impact fast, as well as some above the bed art and throw pillows.  Then we can layer in other items over time as we find them.  I just have to try to be patient until then. 


  1. I love the wood panel behind the shelf in #6. That would make an amazing impact on the focal wall!

  2. Quick question....what program do you use for your floor plans?

    1. Lately I've been using the app Morpholio Board- It's super easy to work with, and free!

  3. Great mood board. I love all the rope details. That knot print is awesome!

  4. Looks nice. Cottage decor + Water = sails & knots, no matter where you are. What are the knot illustrations you've been "working on in Photoshop"? Photos or illustrations being fixed up, or something you've drawn from scratch?

    1. I took a lot of inspiration from the internet, and then drew the knots myself in Photoshop to make the prints.