August 24, 2011

#175- Low Rider

As I mentioned last week, after I refinished our bed frame and moved it up to the Master Bedroom, it was immediately clear that another project was lurking.  So this weekend I took a little time to scratch #175 of The List- lowering our bed frame so that the box spring doesn't stick out. 

Here's the part where I come clean.  I took the easy way out when re-staining the bed frame, and really only stained the part that you see.  So even though it looks great above, here's what it looks like when I take the bed off. 

Yep, nothin' but class here at One Project at a Time.  I'm busy ok?  I don't have time to make the part that will never be visible look good.  My plan was working great until I showed you all.  Dangnabit.  (Sometimes I like to curse like an 80 year old man, you know, just to keep it fresh.)  Anyway, I started by removing the 1 x 2's that run the length of the bed on either side that prop up the box spring.

I'm sort of embarrassed to keep showing you these pics of my half a$$ craftsmanship, but I like to keep it real with you all, so try to keep the judging to a minimum.  The screws came out like a cinch, but the wood glue made removing these guys a little tricky.  Nothing that a chisel couldn't handle though.  Next I took the 1x2's out into the garage to cut off a few inches on each end, since when I reattach these pieces to the lowest possible spot on the frame, the chunky bed legs are in the way and makes the available space smaller.  I swear I also took a photo of cutting these in the garage that would help you visualize it better, but I'm downright ashamed of the mess in my garage right now, and I'm already walking a fine line between DIYer and horder with you all...

So let's skip ahead to the part where I brough my pieces back upstairs and reattached them to the lowest possible spot on the bed frame, flush with the bottom so that it couldn't been seen from underneath.

I rotated the 1x2 so that the same side that touched the frame before (with all the dried glue on it) didn't touch it again to make sure I had a new, firm adhesion.)  Haha, that sounded naughty. 
Then I unscrewed the 2x4 that ran down the center of the bed, rotated it so that it was now laying horizontally, and reattached it to the frame also at the lowest possible level on the frame.

If you're still with me at this point in the post, you should work for the military in decoding.  So let's get to the grand finale.  After I let the glue dry for a little bit, I put the bed back together and- viola!

No more box spring.  It still shows a little bit when the covers are pulled back, so I'll likely get a dark blue fitted sheet to cover the boxspring thanks to Betsey's advice, like this link she posted in the comments-  Or maybe something with a pop of a complimentary color, like a deep purple or rusty orange.  We'll see where this all goes when we finally start to fill the room with some furniture, art and personal touches. 


  1. I like Betsey's advice too. I've always covered my box springs with fitted sheets. It just seems more polished.

    PS-I want this bed now for our upstairs. How tall does it make your bed?

  2. Thanks ladies! Keep up the good work – it's looking great!