August 25, 2011

Our Episode is Going to Air!

Bath Crashers told us when they left in July that we could expect to see our episode air sometime in late August or early September so we've been watching our listings the past few weeks.  Our first hint was this:

If you can't read the tiny image, is says "Wardrobe Showstopper: A master bathroom gets a complete makeover, as the room is gutted and redesigned.  Included: a wardrobe, a freestanding fireplace." 
Sounds like us, huh?  But we weren't certain until we went to the DIY Network website and saw this:

The Swartzes' master bathroom makes zero sense. The shower, sink and toilet areas are tiny, cramped rooms, and the closet is huge and useless. Matt completely guts the room and pulls out the ill-advised carpet. He then flips the layout, and a series of sleek wardrobes now line the entrance to the contemporary space. Plus, a freestanding fireplace will separate the bathroom from the bedroom, providing both warmth and privacy.

Now that's definitely us.  That, and proof that I have been right for the last 6 years since becoming a Swartz that the possessive of our last name ends in zes', not z's.  Did you see that just happen Hubby?  Oh you did?  I thought so. 

So everyone tune into the DIY network on Monday at 8PM CST (or again at 11PM CST for the encore) to laugh at us!  To be honest, we're both really nervous to see how the show turned out.  At times it was really awkward to film because you knew that they wanted you to respond or act in a certain way, even if that isn't the way you would usually act.  It was this weird choice between acting (which we're terrible at) to give them what they were looking for, or just being ourselves, but then having the conversation on camera die out uncomfortably.  Maybe you'll see what I mean on Monday.  And who knows how they'll edit it, that's the magic of reality TV.  Regardless we think it's funny that our episode will air even before the room is actually completed, but I guess that's the magic of reality TV too.  Besides, we're finally starting to make some progress, which I'll update you on soon.


  1. I'm nervous to see it. I hope they edit out the part where I smoked the front entry light with my hand. Oops. :)

  2. I'm so excited to see this! I'm sure it will be odd watching it, but how fun.

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to see it air! I have got to get hubs to DVR this for me tonight!