August 29, 2011

Bath Crashers- Master Bathroom Before & After

Since we spilled the beans on Friday that our Bath Crashers episode will be airing tonight on DIY Network, 9PM EST/8PM CST, we thought we'd take today to provide a little before and after of our own.  You know, since the "finished" product will be revealed tonight.  So here's what we started with:

Old Layout
New Layout

Old entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom.
New entrance on the day Bath Crashers left.

New entrance as of a few weeks ago.

Vanity to the left. 
View on the left now, my closets, shortly after they left.

View to the left now that the closets are full.  (A hot mess and we're still praying they bring us doors.)

Old water closet to the right

Awesome glass block window in the old water closet.
Spaced aged toilet in the water closet.
New water closet entrance.
New spaced aged toilet.

Old Vanity

New Vanity
New Vanity

Bathroom storage on the day they left.

Bathroom storage today.  (Still crossing my fingers for those closet doors.)
Old Shower

New Shower

New shower with lights off to show off that awesome hydro power LED light.
 So there it is.  Can't wait to watch the show tonight, even though I'm really nervous.  Oh my gawd, I just remembered that we found the porn... I wonder how much of that they are going to show!  I'll try to upload a link tomorrow once it's up!

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  1. Here's to hoping I can hulu this bad boy after the fact. We're a no-cable fam. Can't wait!!