September 1, 2011

Speaking of Organization...

I have a confession.  Lately I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything I have on my plate, work, being a parent, remodeling a home... not to mention all the day to day stuff like keeping your home clean, buying groceries, going to doctors appointments, exercising and eating well.  I feel like I'm constantly making lists, and my lists are just getting lost in a jumble in my way too big work/laptop/diaper/mommy bag.  Seriously, my bag is like Mary's Poppins, I've got everything in there but a roller coaster.  Every night I lay in bed thinking of everything I forgot, and what I'll need to remember for tomorrow, and I keep thinking that if I could just get my sh*t together and have all my lists in one spot, I'd be less likely to forget everything.  Luckily Pinterest came to my rescue, as it usually does when I'm looking for a little guidance and inspiration.  Life's a Journal not only came up with this great daily organizer, but she provided a download to customize it.

So I created one for me that would help me organize work & home, all in one place, along with a "Hot List" of the stuff that absolutely needs to be finished that day.  It looks a little something like this:

As you can see, I got it printed into a book, with the Daily Organizer to the left on each page, and blank lines on the right to take notes in meetings, write down numbers, etc... 

Here comes the best part for a cheap skate like me.  I found a terrific deal at  Blurb is a book publishing company, but they also print smaller quantities, including photo books and this new notebook product.  The pages are perfect for writing on, and the lines are already provided.  I used design software to make my book, but Blurb provides a great download to create your books on as well.  The best part- my book was free!  It was only going to be around $22, but a quick internet search located the coupon code HOWDESIGN2011 for a free book for new members!  A free book full of organizational goodness?  Yes please!  

I could design the front and back covers too, so I thought I'd give myself a daily reminder: 

(For those of you wondering, I work in an office where this type of candor and sarcasm is embraced, and swearing is appreciated. This totally fits in)
And I found a great quote on Pinterest to put on the back which I think fits my life perfectly, and is a great reminder:

And I personalized the last page with a few of my favorite Captian Chaos photos for those times when I'm really missing him at work.

I'm not sure if the code is still good, but if it is, I highly recommend you go visit Blurb and make a book of your own.  If not a notebook like I did, it would work for a photo book too.  I've spent a couple days with my book now, and I already feel more put together.  At least I know I'm getting a good amount of water each day.

**Note: I am not being sponsored or compensated by in any way.  I just found their product, (and the amazing coupon code) and wanted to share it with you all.  Don't say I never did anything for you.


  1. AMAZING IDEA! My mom just had a few notebooks bound for me with cute covers that she made out of Twinkie boxes and Cheerios boxes. I think she said it was like $5 for Kinkos to bind a book for you. I love your idea though to custom design your own organization sheet/checklist :)

    My OCD is glowing in excitement! Such wonderful possibilities!

  2. We've used them before for a photo book. I, for one, am pretty impressed by all you do.