September 2, 2011

My Laundry Room is a Distaster... Again.

Alright, haven't we been here before?  I mean really.  The Laundry Room was the very first project we ever tackled in The Lodge.  And after Bath Crashers came, we had to put the room back together all over again.  In fact, I think it's time for a montage.

Here's a few pics of our ever progressing Laundry:

Inspection Day
Inspection Day
We painted it.

We added hardware.

Bath Crashers tore open the wall to run electrical and put in a laundry shoot.
The sink was straight out of the movie The Shinning.

This is how it looked the day Bath Crashers left- I was afraid.
Luckily they came back to fill in the wall, but I spent hours sanding Sheetrock, priming and painting.

And installing a new sink...
And then rehanging all the shelving.

Bath Crashers came back to trim out the Laundry shoot, but I wasn't impressed.
So I tore down the Laundry Shoot catch and installed it in my Hubby's closet.

Which left the wall in rough shape.

And then I took down the shelving.  I have a plan.

 So wish me luck this weekend as I attempt to take this project on one more time.  There's so many other things I'd like to do (build a headboard for our Master Bedroom, build nightstands, work on the Dining Room....) but this room is way too small and used way too frequently to have it work in it's current state of disrepair. 

What about you guys?  Any fun DIY projects this long weekend?  Or do you prefer to leave town and relax on your holidays?  (Relax?  What's a relax?)  I might spend a little time over at my Bro's bungalow bathroom remodel this weekend too, so I'll update you all on his progress.  Have a great weekend!

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