September 9, 2011

Today's Modern Woman

One Pinterest bit of inspiration that I didn't share with you yesterday was this awesome quote:

How true is that? I mean has anyone else had a day like this?

Wake up... Shower and get dressed... Get the kiddo dressed and ready... Pack work bag...  Pack school bag... Drive to school for drop off... Drive to work... Spend work getting pulled in a thousand directions... Run family errands as quickly as possible over lunch... Feel guilty leaving at 5 because there's too much to do... Feel guilty that you stayed until 5:30 because you're late... Pick up from school, drive home... Change clothes... Work on washer/dryer to make them level... Install counter top in laundry... Fix dryer exhaust...  Fold 2 loads of laundry...  Load up washer and dryer again... Return tools used (and others left behind from previous projects) to garage and organize... Go outside to water the plants... Pick tomatoes and peppers... Head inside to make kiddo dinner... Empty and refill dishwasher while kiddo eats... Hand wash dishes that don't go in dishwasher... Start making dinner for us (Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with Sausage and Herb Couscous)... Wash counters and sweep floors... Blanch and freeze green beans and broccoli from farmers market... Wash kiddo up after dinner... Throw our dinner in oven and race out for quick run while kiddo and hubby watch football, racing the sun before it goes down... Go on slight detour to avoid angry looking fox sitting on the sidewalk by my house... Put kiddo to bed... Take dinner out of the oven and rest for a moment to eat...  Collect garbage from throughout house and put garbage out... Sort and organize storage closet to weed out recycling... Collect recycling and put out on curb... Fold another load of laundry... Organize and put away paint in storage room... Write blog post... Bore and scare readers at the same time.

Of course all that would be enough, if it wasn't peppered with the constant, yet gratifying, "Mommy I need to go potty," "Mommy my toy is broken," "Mommy I'm thirsty," "Mommy I spilled my milk," "Mommy can you play any one of a dozen songs on request?" "Mommy can you dance with me to half a dozen of those songs?" "Mommy you dance funny," "Mommy can I have more ketchup," "Mommy I need more milk," "Mommy I have to go potty," "Mommy can I have more ketchup again?" (I swear he eats that stuff by the spoonful.)

Little stinker.

 And after all of this the house still looks messy, the dishes still need to be put back from the drying rack, and all that laundry that you washed and folded needs to be put away, basically making it look like you did nothing all day.  Am I the only one?  Humor me here.  Pretty please.

So forgive me folks if I just don't have the energy this evening to fill you in on any of the projects we've tackled recently.  I promise that after this weekend I'll have a lot great updates to share with you, and hopefully I'll have had a little time for some sleep too.  I hope you all have a fantastic, restful weekend too.  (And if you're life feels crazy like mine some days, please feel free to chime in below so I don't feel like such a basket case.)  Thanks much.


  1. I'm all about helping another mom feel more normal. I can't find time to clean my house, let alone fix/upgrade anything. Our yard looks like a warzone. Our buffet is piled high with paperwork and abandoned, half-finished art projects. Work gets about 80% of me. Running gets 15%. Kids get 14.5%. Sleep gets 2%. Cute husband gets .5%. You are in good company. And you should feel great about all that you do get done. Perhaps we should take a small % of time to drink wine?

  2. I can absolutely relate. I have no idea how it's constantly possible to be doing so much and have so little physical evidence. You're in good company. And, also, your home looks lovelier each time I visit your blog.

  3. Love you guys. Already feeling better...

  4. I love the quote! Great blog Erin...I read a few posts and I feel a little more motivated to tackle some house projects that have been on my list for months.