September 12, 2011

#81- Painting the Playroom

One Friday Ry and I were driving home from work/school, knowing that the Hubs would be working late and therefore not apart of our weekend plans.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Ry- it's special Mommy-Ryder night!
Ry: What are we going to do Mommy?  Fix the house?  (He knows me so well.)
Me: Well... we do need to paint your playroom...
Ry:  Can I paint too?
Me: Well... that's not a bad idea.  It's only fair, it is your Playroom.
Ry:  REALLY?  And I can have my very own paint brush?
Me: (Regretting this already) Yep, as long as you stay on the cardboard, you can have your own paintbrush.
Ry: Yea! IgettopaintIgettopaintIgettopaintIgettopaint!

And so it began.  Here's what we started with.  Not a terrible color, but a little too dark and manly for the bright, fun Playroom I had envisioned.

So we started by laying out cardboard to protect the floors and getting Ry in his "painting outfit."  Yes, it's just what it looks like, a too-large t-shirt and underwear, because I didn't have any pants for him that I was willing to ruin.  Luckily he didn't seem to mind.

I also set up a tripod with the camera to catch a little of the action.  Here's Picasso and I at work.

And here's when he decided that he was all done being a painter, (after a record 5 minutes of attention to one thing) and instead positioned himself at the camera to be a photographer.

Awesome work by Ry on the left hand side.

Cutting in- be very careful!

He can even be an action photographer.

Of course, I also got a few of these in the mix.


The adventure actually turned out way better than I anticipated, with no major spills or messes.  In the end we have this:

The color is Pebble by Glidden, and it's a grayish green.  It's a little more green and less gray than I anticipated, but for a house that's pretty neutral I like this fresh coat of color to define the entrance to the "Kid(s) Wing".  While it looks a bit pastel in these pictures, in reality it gives off more of an artichoke green vibe than a sea-foam green, which I like.  I think it will all come together with a rug, curtains, artwork, etc...

How about you guys?  Anyone else ever let their kiddos paint with them?  I was so nervous, but in the end it was a really fun way for us to spend a Friday evening together.  He was so incredibly excited to get to participate in "grown up stuff," and I feel better knowing that he's a part of this whole project house right with us.  Now if he could only finish up those stairs that his Dad has abandoned....

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