June 20, 2011

Bath Crashers- Master Bathroom Reveal

Big post today, so I'll get straight to the good stuff, here she is, our new Master Bathroom.

Well, that's a sketch of it for you so that you can understand the new layout.   Here are the photos (soon to be replaced with more professional looking ones):

Gorgeous vanity and lights.  I'm not entirely sold on the simple mirror with the clips.
 This sink is made of one piece of solid carrera marble.  I love it like P. Diddy loves sunglasses.

This shower rocks my world with 4 body jets and that HUGE rain shower head that lights up with blue LED lights when turned on.  (No electricity needed, it's hydro-power.  Didn't think it could get any cooler did you?)

Close up on the sexy little hardware in the shower.
Separate room with a pocket door for our toilet with the new window to the outdoors!
This toilet does everything but go for you.  It has heated water running through the seat, automatic seat lift and close, self cleaning and deodorizing.  It also has a "Front and Rear Cleanse" with adjustable heat and pressure, and a dryer.  I hear that once you try these functions you never go back, but I'm still frightened.   
Immediately as you enter the bathroom is a wall of Mariah Carey quantity clothes storage.
More closet space than I can possibly fill.  Bath Crashers did not put doors on these, so the Hubs and I plan to do so ASAP.
These drawers and doors are right next to the sink.  I'm not a huge fan of the hardware, and we probably won't display family photos and books in here.  It is a bathroom after all. 

This is a 360 degree cabinet that spins.
My little assistant shows us the mirror on the other side.
View of the 360 cabinet and the vanity as you enter the bathroom.

Amazing vertical fireplace that creates a separation between the bedroom and the bathroom. 

View of the fireplace into the bathroom from the bed area.  (Please ignore the bedroom wall color, gross flooring and well... everything. It quickly moved it's way up the list to project #1.)
I'm working on posting a video tour a little later today so that hopefully the layout can make more sense, and I can show you a few of the cool little features.  Stay tuned for that this afternoon.

 So did they get done on time?  Yes, but it was down to the wire.  We shot our reveal at 11:30 PM, and finished just before midnight.  It was a long a crazy day, but we're so glad that it's done. What do you guys think?  What do you love?  What do you hate?  You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings, I didn't design it.  There are definitely a few things that I would have done differently, but I want to hear what you have to say first.  Let me have it!

UPDATE: Follow our whole Bath Crashers Experience Here:
Bath Crashers- What it was Really Like


  1. The shower looks AMAZING! And the closet space is TO DIE FOR! Are you sad there's no tub? And maybe more sink counter space? Or His/Hers sinks (I'm hugely envious of everyone that has a "two sink master bath"...but that's probs my own issue!) :) OVERALL - FABULOUS and FREE! LOVE!

  2. I was a little disappointed that there was no tub, but the reality is that I wouldn't have used it much anyway. What we really need is closet space and a great shower, and that's certainly what we got. I don't mind the 1 sink since Jay and I rarely get ready at the same time anyway. The lack of counter top space might be challenging though...

  3. If you'd like me to take photos let me know.

  4. Hi! I started following your blog just in time to read all the Bath Crashers stuff!

    Overall of course it's a huge improvement, but like you mentioned, there are some things I would change too:

    - nicer vanity mirror and closet hardware

    - more counter space (perhaps that's why they had the closet extend all the way beside the sink?)

    - would have had the fireplace extend out of the wall. From the bedroom as you look at the bathroom, there's a strange little gap to the right of the fireplace that looks like it's too small to pass through.

    - personal taste: don't like the random blue tiles, would have preferred a solid band in a different colour

    I look forward to seeing the closet space with all the doors on to see how dark it is in there... and what the bedroom will look like with the space that is left for it!

    - Donna

  5. I would Dave! Please come up any time!

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  9. You are very brave to allow strangers into your home to design for you. I'm too much of a control freak to even consider it, even with the free stuff provided! Am not a fan of the storage due the lack of doors - makes everything look like a weird closet. I more than agree with your decision to "door" them - you have great taste!