September 13, 2011

#86- Making Things a Bit More Playful

Once #81- Painting the Playroom was completed, I could move on to #86 on The List- hanging up some wall art and accessories.  Since I declared my intention to start making this place a home with more personalized art, I've hung up absolutely nothing.  Yep, that's right.  Nada.  I have no excuse for it either.  Just call me the Kayne West of the DIY world, all talk, meager and disappointing action.  Word.

So here's where I redeem myself, because I not only hung photos, I made some art myself inspired from Pinterest.

Here's a little close up of what we're looking at.  First, I framed this hilarious series of Captain Chaos playing with the water hose shot by the always phenomenal Morgan Klinnert.   

Then I made this sweet little ode to one of our favorite songs to sing.

Can you guess this song?  These are Ry's version of song lyrics to a pop song that I'm sure you know.  We're not sure where it came from, but he sings it all the time and begs us to play the song. The last line should give it away. 

Still don't get it?  Click here.

This next one is a inside joke in our house.  Months ago Ryder started saying "Testy Broder Bunchkins!" all the time.  Literally running through the house yelling it.  The hubs and I were at a loss, absolutely no clue what he was talking about.  Then one day we were all in the Living Room together and Ry pushed a button on his Buzz Light-year and he said, "Testing Rotor Functions."  Hubs and I immediately looked at each other and a light went off.  "Ah-ha!  Testy Broder Bunchkins!" 

These awesome little number baskets were just $5 at Ikea, and they work perfectly for holding markers, chalk and crayons for Ryder's easel, which was also from Ikea, a Christmas gift to Ryder from his rockin' Aunt and Uncle.  Not only were they cheap, but they magically were the perfect colors, orange, blue and green, which I hope to incorporate more in a rug, more baskets for his cubbies and curtains. 

There's plenty of room to add more stuff to this wall, but I'm going to wait until we get a few more things in the room so that it doesn't feel too heavy on one side.  For now I'm just thrilled that we are giving this little room some new life.  

What do you think?  Good start?  Anyone else do any painting lately?  Or have a famous phras from your child that only your family would know?  Any other 3 year olds that love to jam to Gaga?  Come on, mine can't be the only one. 


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  2. Beckett likes to jam to "Moves like Jagger"

    - I had to delete my previous post because I linked to the music video. After screening it I realized it was the "Explicit" video. Not sure you wanted that on your blog :) oops!

  3. Carrot pie? That's great! I always thought it sounded like "candy bar, candy bar" myself!