October 6, 2011

#178- I'm Flored!

After my floor planning post yesterday, I was thrilled to get home and find this guy waiting for me on the front steps:

You literally couldn't get out of my way fast enough as I ran up to the Playroom to tackle #178 on The List, covering these ridiculously dirty and soiled floors with my beautiful new Flor rug. 

Step 1- Open up the box and sort out what we've got.

Dark moody picture- sorry! I was too excited to pause for appropriate lighting.

I had four colors, and four of each square.  I must have spent an hour laying them out on the floor for a "random" pattern.  (Type A people don't do random very well.)

Step 2- Then you just use the Flor Dots, which are really just large, circular stickers  to connect the tiles to each other in each corner. 

This process went pretty quickly, but was a little more tricky since I was laying my tiles on top of an existing carpet.  Since the floor underneath each of my stickers gave a little, it was hard to press each tile firmly to the sticker.  I ended up sliding a thin, hard, piece of plexi that I had on hand underneath each corner as I adhered the sticker, which helped.  For anyone else considering placing a Flor rug on top of a carpet, I suggest you purchase some additional Flor stickers (which can be purchased for just $4.99 extra at checkout) to hold together not just the corners of each tile, but also the center of each edge.  That way when you step on a tile and the carpet below gives a little, you aren't separating your Flor tiles.  I plan to purchase a few more for some added security, but in the mean time, here she is:

How sweet is my little man reading a book in the corner?
 Super fun, right?  Here's the boring before:

Now I've definitely got the bug to spruce up this room a bit more.  I plan to purchase some more bins and baskets for the shelves to make that look nicer, as well as add some new artwork and curtains.  I also have already created plans for a dark wood play table that I want to build to coordinate with the shelf... but there I go again, too busy thinking about the next project to enjoy the progress of this one.

The rug is the perfect playful combination of colors that I was looking for, but I think muted enough that it's not obnoxious.  The size is also perfect, a square with about 18" or carpet showing around the perimeter of the room.  It's just enough to cover all those gross stains completely, but not too big to be overwhelming in the space.  I'm very anxious for this room to look like it has a purpose, not just be a big hallway, so I can't wait to get working on the details of this room.  To be continued!

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