October 7, 2011

Raise Me Up

If you remember, the last time that we visited the Master Bedroom, I had just completed the modern, wood cut out headboard inspired by West Elm.  (Design plans found on Ana-White.com.)  I tried to make it work with our box spring and mattress because I really dig the extra comfort that the box spring provides, but unfortunately like Paris Hilton and underwear,  platform beds and box springs just aren't made for each other. 

Forgive the messy bed making here, and stick to the point, which is that the combination of the box spring and the mattress make the mattress too high to even appreciate the beautiful new headboard.  I briefly contemplated loosing the box spring entirely, but realized that this would require a lot of additional work, as I would need to add in a frame into the bed frame for my mattress to sit on.  More time and money, of which both are scarce in this super home reno project.

Instead, I cheated a little and just unattached my headboard from the frame, lifted it up and reattached it about 5 inches higher.  The legs of the headboard don't touch the ground anymore, but that won't be noticeable once I build the nightstands.  (I swear I'm going to build those soon.  Promise.)

You may have noticed that we added a little bling above the bed too.

 I'm not sure if this is the final placement of the star burst mirror right now, or if I will place it more off-center with some photos or shelves to one side, but I'm waiting to see everything come together before making a decision.

Imagine here a nice, modern, dark wood night stand on either side of the bed, with a fun, sparkly lamp on each side, sort of like these. 

Glass Jug Table Lamp from West Elm
Haley Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel

I'd also like to loose the white throw blanket on the end and look into some sheets and throw pillows for an additional pop of bold color to shake up the white and blue thing we've got going.  These ideas from West Elm's Bedroom Pallets section really inspired me (especially since they already sport my dark blue wall color & my headboard.)  I'm thinking a deep purple or turquoise throw pillow, and some crisp white sheets would break up the colors a little bit.

And of course someday we'd love to replace the carpeting with hardwoods... but we're just not there yet.  Not with dozens of items left on The List.  There's so much I want to do to make this house feel more complete and styled, but instead I'm living in a bunch of half done (or not at all tackled) rooms.  But hey, we haven't even been in the house 6 months yet, and we've gotten so much accomplished.  I just need to stick to the One Project at a Time mantra, and see what I can get accomplished this weekend... Happy DIYing!

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