October 20, 2011

How to Caulk Kitchen Backsplash & Counter Tops

Anyone else have one of those projects that you know you should do, in fact you need to do to prevent any damage to the house, and yet... it just sits out there on the list?  Here's my dirty little secret: after we put in the new glass back splash in the kitchen, we never sealed the space where the backsplash and new granite counter tops met with caulk. (Cue my husband's inappropriate jokes about how my dirty little secret is caulk.  Or lack there of.  Sorry folks, this one isn't for the kids.)

It's not that we didn't know that we had to do it.  Oh, we knew.  In fact, the day we put up the tile I had a tube of clear, silicone caulk all ready to go.  We just needed to wait 24 hours for the mortar to dry, and then 24 hours for the grout to dry, and then, well... we just never got to it.  The caulk moved to the top of the fridge, and then into a cabinet, and even back out to the garage.  We kept saying, "we really need to caulk" (my husband is dying right now) but we just never did.  Months went by.  I'm not proud of it.  But at least you can't call me lazy.  Maybe I just have my priorities mixed up.

So finally, this past weekend, it was time to get the caulk and to to work.  (That's what she said.)  I've had a number of run ins with caulking through past kitchen and bathroom remodels, and I've discovered that it's never as easy to get a clean, crisp line as it looks.  Especially when using silicone caulk.  So I've found a little trick that works for me.  It may be way over doing it.  But I prefer to not have to redo it.

Yep, I tape a line on the counter and on the wall/tile, with just enough space for where I want my caulk to go.  (try... to be... mature....)  Then I can just run a bead of caulk, use the caulk tool to smooth it to a 45 degree angle, and cleanly pull off the tape for a crisp edge on both sides.

And here, just 3 months late, is the finished product:

What's that?  Can't see the caulk?  (hold it in hold it in hold it in)  Well, that's the point.  But at least now no water can get back behind there and ruin our cabinets and walls.  Finally.

By the way- any one else want to weight in on the Playroom Wall Color post?  I am actually pretty shocked, (and incredibly humbled-thank you) by how many of you are reading about our crazy life every day, but only a fraction of a percentage of you weighed in.  Thanks so much to those that did, but you've sort of left us a a tie right now, so we could use a few more opinions if you all would be so kind.  Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the middle school humor, I had the worst giggles while reading this. ;)

    I do love that back splash tile!

  2. Where ever did you get that backsplash tile? It's GORGEOUS!!

  3. The tile is actually from Home Depot- and we got it for a great price, just $7.99 a square foot. I definitely recommend it, at least for us it's the perfect mix of sparkle from the glass paired with more matte and natural stones.

  4. It's true that the pros always make it look so easy, and then when my husband would use it, he'd make a mess and I'd get annoyed (less annoyed after I finally tried myself). I like your painters tape idea.

  5. Well done - I had to laugh while reading this, thanks for making it funny AND informative!

  6. Is that tile "French Palace?" That's the same on I just installed. Looks great!