October 19, 2011

I'm Having Second Thoughts

I'd say we get paint color right the first time, only about 50% of the time.  I mean there's some colors that we love instantly- like the Guest Bedroom, our Master Bedroom and the Laundry Room.  (Heck, I've painted it that color 4 times already!)  But then there are other rooms like the Family Room, and now the Playroom that just don't scream in that Matthew McConaughey rom-com sort of way- "You're the one!"

I mean, I don't hate it.  But I'd be lying it I said that from the moment it started to dry that I wasn't disappointed that it was coming out much more minty green than grass green.  Didn't we already cover up that color in the Guest Bedroom?

The Hubs keeps telling me, "it's fine," but I'm sure it's just because he hates when I do double work, and when rooms get torn apart to paint.  So I went to the computer first before I did anything drastic to mock it up.

What if all the color from the rug and curtains are too much?  We could bring it down a touch with white/gray walls.

Or we could kick it all up a notch with some rusty orange:

Or cool it down with a moody blue/gray:

Or just bring it to the original color I intended, grass green:

 In case you're wondering, here's minty green again:

In all of these scenarios (besides orange), I think I'm going to take Alana's suggestion from the comments and paint the wall behind the shelf orange for a fun pop of color, and maybe white for the orange version. (Thanks girl.)  So what do you think?  Fine like it is, or time to paint again?  It you could be so kind as to moderate a little marital dispute and give a vote for your choice by commenting below, we would really appreciate it.  That way when the Hubs says that it's just "fine," I can respond, "No it's not, the readers said so."  (Strength in numbers.)  Or you can help him maintain his sanity and tell me to worry about the other dozens of items on The List, and to leave this paint job alone.

It's up to you.

No pressure.


  1. Forget all that paint business, remember I'm the perfectionist and you are the rookie. Get outside before the snow flies and enjoy the fall weather. Get that yard work done and enjoy the crisp fall air. You can breath all those paint fumes all winter long.

  2. In the sample versions, I love the orange. It's important to know, I am freakishly partial to the color orange. But it makes the room more playful while still keeping it pulled together. Sorry, Jason, I'm with Erin here.

  3. OK, I'm totally unbiased as I don't know you, but have read your blog from the beginning (love it, by the way!)
    I really like the orange, and am a big fan of the moody blue. And I like the grass green. I guess my point is, any color other than the minty green looks better!
    But, to your husband's point...maybe you'd rather spend your time working on "higher priority" projects than repainting a room that is 'satisfactory' for now? I guess that's sort of how I look at it...I'd rather put my energy to something that is REALLY an eyesore!

  4. I totally hear Kate but I think if you wanted to knock out this room quickly you should make a large batch of margarhitas, pick up a couple of paint rollers and have a painting party. Noel already told me that we're done painting for a while but that doesn't include your house :) When we're done we can finish the margarhitas on the deck.... with mittens on.

  5. Oh, and if I had to choose I would pick white walls with the orange accent wall. Would that orange match Ry's robot room? If it clashes then I would do the blue. But I love blue rooms :)

  6. I would definitely do the orange accent wall behind the cubbies. Leave your mint green walls as is for now - and if you're feeling bored over the winter, maybe do the other walls your grass green as initally intended.

  7. Hey there, new here... IMHO..the orange seems to make a statement. It really warms up the space and ties in well with the other colors in the room. The blue looks good too, but I always think warm with kids :) But again, thats just my humble opinion! --- also, the mint green in there now is kinda ok... I am sure you were looking for more then just "eh, thats ok"

  8. First off I absolutely love those curtains.

    I would definitely go with the gray blue color. There is a lot to take in here with the rug and the curtains and the storage, etc - I would say let the walls fade to the background a bit. Plus the blue would be a nice compliment to what you already have in there. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Have you seen my kitchen? I'm into orange these days, so I'd go bold and use orange in some way. Also, I'm done painting since we are renting but happy to help. I'd hold off painting until winter though, enjoy fall:)

  10. My 1st choice is the orange, with gray blue a close second.

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  12. if it were me, i'd go grass green, followed by orange. only because green is my all time favorite colour. but i totally feel you on how the green never friggin' turns out the way it's supposed to. i recently painted my daughter's room. a little background info. we painted the room when we first moved in. light lime green to match her quilt. big mistake-o. lime green against honey coloured floor - yikes. lemon lime galore!

    so, here we are, a year later. i go back to ben moore and explain my predicament. & the helpful lady suggested glazed green, a colour by ben moore. i took it home in a sample jar, put it on a wall, and it looked really good. so....i went for it. turns out, it's just as gosh darn limey as the first one was. my friend (who is an interior designer) says it's likely NOT the colour, but the lighting - that my bulbs are too 'warm' thus pulling out the yellow tones, and that i need a cooler bulb. we'll see. but i totally feel you on the green. egad. and to think, it remains my favorite colour. for some reason, it's just not working out in this room.

    have you ever seen wedgewood grey or woodlawn blue by ben moore? very nice colour choices.

  13. At the risk of you removing my blog from your blogroll (which I totally appreciate, BTW), I'm with hubs. BUT, I don't have a great color sense, so it's a weak vote.

  14. Hey, I'm a new reader. Came here from a link on YHL's Pinterest challenge! Anyway, I love your house! For the playroom I am torn between the blue/gray and the orange. I think I like both better than the others because the saturation level is right. The current green is too pale to relate to the bold accessories and the rug.

    Maybe the blue *just* edges out the orange because of its potential versatility in the future when this isn't a playroom anymore.

    The new green has the right saturation I guess, but I am just not a fan of green so it would get the boot in my book! Either way, my suggestion is to go with bolder color, whatever color it is. Good luck!

  15. Hello--where is the mat in the playroom from?