October 4, 2011

The Laundry Room Reveal

As promised, it's finally time to show you my completed Laundry Room.  But first, let's take a look at where we started:

And here's where we are today:

 I love this little corner with one of my favorite quotes framed and the fun "My Stache" jar I etched.

 This drying rack from Ikea has been used countless times already, and I love the new utility sink and rack above it which holds paper towels, sponges and a finger nail scrub brush for all the paint, stain and dirt I get under my nails when doing projects.  Maybe someday we'll upgrade to a fancier laundry tub, but right now, with dozens of dirty projects still ahead of us, I'm glad to have a place to rinse out paint, grout and other messes without worrying about ruining the sink.

After the total mess that was the laundry shoot, I'm so proud of how it, and the shelving turned out.

And how about this sexy rug that I painted?

This is one of my favorite photos of Ry ever, and I thought it would bring a smile to my face whenever I was in there folding insurmountable amounts of laundry.  And that watering can?  It's from Ikea and started like this:

So I pulled out my trusty can of Rustoleum Night Tide which was left over from this project.  Piece of cake.

And here's some more of that great wood counter top from Ikea.

And a shot of the fabric I hung to hide the ugly outlets and plugs.

I even organized the cupboards a bit.  By removing all the shelving from this one I have the perfect space for a hamper and a place to store laundry baskets when not in use.

The top cupboards hold towels and extra bedding.

While the bottom holds rag towels, the first aid kit and cleaning supplies.

So there she is.  Barely 50 square feet, but a whole lot of work and projects.  If every room in this house takes as much work, I'm in for some trouble.  For this room, a dream, main floor Laundry Room in my dream house, it was totally worth it.


  1. What a beautiful laundry room! You could have a cocktail party in there. Turn the towels around so they have their folds facing out -- the party guests will be stunned when they snoop around. Seriously, this is my favorite room in your home (turn the towels around).


  2. Haha! I totally thought the same thing when I was posting the photos, why didn't I take a second to spruce up the cupboards a bit? :) I'll definitely fix that tonight.

  3. I love your laundry room, and you've styled it so beautifully. I need to take a page from your book!!! How did you hang the ironing board on the wall? Pls let me know, I need to do something with mine.


  4. The ironing board is hanging from a simple Ikea wall mounted hook- Blecka. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20031374/

    After a few attempts with smaller drywall anchors, I finally learned my lesson and attached this hook with an expanding wall anchor, which seems to have done the trick. Don't use any of those plastic ones, or you'll be left with a huge hole in your drywall within a few weeks. :)

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  6. Wow, your laundry room is incredible. I love how you organized and accessorized. Isn't Ikea perfect for those extra little touches?

    Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration yesterday!

  7. looks beautiful! I love this space! The countertops and all the storage are amazing. Everything looks great!

  8. I love this laundry room. Well done! Came to your page through your beautiful bathroom on YHL. You've on a lovely job with your home. May I ask what paint color you have used in the laundry?

  9. Would love to know the paint color as well...and where the rug is from. Looks amazing!

    1. Hey guys- the paint color is Rainwater by Martha Stewart, and its one of my all time faves. The rug was actually a plain tan rug from Ikea that I painted- here's the post: http://oneprojectatatime.blogspot.com/2011/10/177-cutting-rug.html

  10. very late comer to your blog :). love your laundry room. would you ever consider putting the same material to cover the bottom part of your utility sink? you could even use velcro to attach it.

    i think your skill set is amazing and what you're doing to your lodge is incredible. i will keep reading :)

    1. That's a great idea! I had pinned a bunch of Laundry Rooms that included sink skirts, and for some reason I didn't think about it in my own Laundry. Probably because we've always considered this sink "temporary." It was only $40, and since we still have dozens of messy projects ahead of us that will get rinsed out in this sink, we were planning on just working with this one until the majority of the renos are done, and then perhaps upgrading to a better looking one. Wouldn't hurt to spruce it up in the mean time though... especially since we won't be done with this house for a long time...

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