January 20, 2012

Let's Put it to a Vote

A few of you may remember that I recently sold off my beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer because the bright red color no longer worked with my natural colors and apple green accessories motif.  (Oh the shame!)  In fact, I originally struggled to design my whole kitchen around the red mixer, but in the end decided that it wasn't worth all the headache.

Photo making homemade strawberry ice cream with my mixer while tiling the back splash.  I am a compulsive homemaker.

 In the mean time I've been waiting patiently for the perfect mixer sale to come along to snag a new one... unfortunately I'm learning that these sales are a little few and far between.  I thought the day after Thanksgiving would be it, and then maybe the day after Christmas, but alas... no perfect sales just yet.  

I think I'm finally ready to pull the trigger based on some new sales I just found online, but this whole process is giving me cold feet. What if I finally get the apple green mixer I've been dying for, only to discover down the road that apple green isn't really my thing any more either?  Should I go with a piece that makes a statement, or play it safe?

So I need your vote today so that I can purchase over the weekend.

Go for the fun statement:

Apple Green

 Something interesting but a little more muted:
Imperial Gray

Dark and shiny to match the counter tops and appliances (for now) :

Or chome that could *someday* match stainless steel appliances:
As a reminder, here's the kitchen it's going to go in.  (With *maybe* white or gray painted cabinets in the near future...)

So please place your vote in the comments below- Apple Green, Imperial Gray, Black or Chrome.  Thanks in advance for your design expertise!


  1. I bought my mom the Imperial Grey for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful and I want one SO bad!

  2. I have owned the imperial gray for 9 years and love it. Gray would look great with your black counters and green accessories, and also with either white or gray cabinets. I think you'd own it for the long haul.

  3. Apple green! But I also love bold color and dislike matchy matchy. However, I have the stainless steel stand mixer (wedding gift over 7 years ago) and it hasn't been wrong in over 10 houses (military).

  4. I think white or grey would be "safe" choices, but I really love the apple green. Did you know that Target sells covers for Kitchen Aid Mixers? They sell the covers in different colors, so you could by a neutral cover to use over your apple green mixer, should the day come that it doesn't fit with your decor. It also keeps all the dust out, and can hold the various attachments. Just a thought!

  5. Here's the link to the cloth covers Target offers.


  6. You could also put the cover over the red one!!!Get over the color of the mixer. If you paint those cupboards you will need to paint the windows(Oh Ya, that will be fun). Also will have to paint the backs of those chairs in the eating area. Oh, and how about the railing over looking the living room. After all, we must coordinate.

  7. Apple green. Apple green. Apple green.

  8. I'm saying imperial gray. I love the apple color--- but what happens when you want to go back to using red or some other color and that green needs sold off like the red one. I say get your pop of color from other accessories!

  9. I would go neutral. If you got rid of the red, you may find yourself getting rid of the green. I would go with longevity.

  10. I vote gray. It will be a nice soft layered look and not take up a lot of visual space like a bright color or a high-gloss would. My least favorite is the chrome. Looks too industrial and not home-y at all! The gray will go great with the tile, black counters, eventual cabinet paint, etc.

  11. I'm a sucker for gray!

  12. Get the apple green! It will be fun and you can enjoy it now. I spray painted my white one (that matched my old kitchen) after we moved with Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy and it has help up great :) However, I sprayed it gray so maybe I am no help!