January 19, 2012

Disaster Closet #2

You may remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start cleaning up some of our ridiculous closets.  We're going to officially call this post is closet clean up #2, as I technically already “accidentally” finished the first closet disaster, our mudroom, back here.

My second big project is up in our Playroom.  While the rest of the room is slowly coming together...

Inside that closet, not so much...

Stop judging.
 Obligatory Ryder jumps in front of the camera to say "Cha-eeeeeeeze" photo:

As you can see, the closet is still the dark green color that this room started out with.

I ran out of the Stone by Benjamin Moore when I painted the room, so it was always in the cards to get back to finishing the closet up.  E.vent.ually.

As you can see from the listing photo, the previous owners used this closet as a Cloffice, which I think will be a great idea down the road when this is more of a Den style room for teenagers.

But right now I need storage, and lots of it.  I started by moving the wooden shelf supports on either side of the closet to the same height so that they could actually be used again to support a shelf.

Moving the shelf support up here left the old white paint behind.

I moved the support down here so that they were level.
After that I had a gazillion holes to patch up.  Fun fact- somebody painted over wall paper in here.  Big no-no.  But looks like I’m going to patch it up and do the same thing.  I like to live on the edge. 

I left the top set of shelf brackets up in case down the road I want to add a second shelf.  Right now I think one will do the trick for the taller bins and toys I want this to hold.

Next I had to find a super long shelf that I could use to span this 7’6” wide closet, and it had to be thick enough to support the weight of the stuff I was going to put on it.  It didn’t take me too long at the Home Depot to realize that this project was going to be way, WAY over my $0 budget.  And then I discovered this big guy in our “Waiting for a Dumpster” pile in the garage.

Yep, you probably don’t recognize it, since we’re looking at her much lovelier angle, but that’s Big Blue, the obnoxious countertop we removed from the Laundry Room.  

It got me thinking that the counter and cupboards in the Laundry Room are basically back to back with the Playroom Closet.

And sure enough, my trusty little tape measure confirmed it- Big Blue was the perfect length and width to span my closet.  Thank God I had saved this piece of junk from my trash throwing Hubby.

I’m smart enough to know that painting a laminate countertop, won’t really stand the test of time as I slide junk on and off this shelf, so I pried off the extra pieces of wood on the bottom of the countertop, sanded it smooth and placed the shelf in the closet upside down.

Then I broke out the trust Klitz primer, and covered the closet.  Everything.  The walls, the shelf, the trim.  Nothing escaped my white washing extravaganza.  

And then, well... I had to wait for the paint to dry, so you will too. Anyone else taking on any closet cleaning or organization in the New Year?  I’ve been Pinning organization ideas like crazy, so please share yours if you got ‘em!

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