January 23, 2012

BAM Goes the Playroom Closet

When we last left the Playroom closet, it looked like this:

 I had cleared it out, patched the walls, added a new big shelf made from Big Blue, and primed and painted the whole thing.

When it was time to paint I grabbed a leftover gallon of Decorator White and applied it to everything, walls, trim, shelf, ceiling... yep, even the ceiling was painted green and needed to be redone.

It was at about that time that the HUbs came in.

Hubs:  "Lookin' pretty good."

Erin:  "Yeah, I guess.  I mean it's clean and all, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing an opportunity."

Hubs:  "Erin, it's just a closet..."

Erin:  "Yeah.  I'm going to Home Depot"

Hubs:  "I immediately regret that response."

So it was off to Home Depot to blow my $0 budget and buy a quart of a more fun color paint.  I was inspired from all your comments in this post about being a little bold in this room and going for a punch of color.  I've really been wanting to try orange, but orange is so hard to do right, so I thought taking a test in this closet would give me a little practice.  I went with the most muted orange I could find, with a definite gray undertone.  

And the results:

Now I'm just stalling to move those bright orange pictures farther down your screen...


This shot was taken at night, so the color isn't quite as bold as it looks here, but it is bold.  I don't think I would use it on the whole room, but its a fun and unexpected burst of color when the doors open.  It's definitely making me want to repaint the Playroom walls though, likely something a bit more grassy green than the mint to work better with the closet.

I added a few L brackets into the studs under the shelf to give it some support in the middle, and then put everything back in.

 As a reminder, here's our before:

Little bit of an improvement, eh?

I just have the one big shelf on top, but as you can see there's still room above that storage bin for a second shelf if we feel the need for it in the future.

And here's my little man after he politely asked me to step aside so that he could take a photo with his camera.  I asked him what he was going to do with the picture and he responded, "I'm putting it on my blog Mommy."  Duh.

I've created a monster.  


  1. Priceless. The closet looks awesome Erin! Thinking the orange is just the perfect color. So much fun. Feel free to take a couple days off and come down to help with our bedroom (your hubby's old room). Have lots of supplies ready to go....LOL

  2. Picture me clapping and jumping up and down.. lol I love that orange! And it really looks great in there. Most times people close up closets to hide them when you show off a room, or to make it look polished... I would leave that one open just to enjoy that bold color! Very nice!

  3. Katie in KansasJanuary 24, 2012

    Hey Erin! The closet looks awesome! What's the name of the color you used? I'm doing an orange wall in my kiddo's room but haven't settled on the exact paint color, so would love your recommendation.

  4. It's called Autumn Fest by Behr, but definitely grab the sample chip and bring it home to see the color in your light. Orange can vary so much in different lighting, and I don't want you to blame me if it looks like Ernie! :)

  5. Katie in KansasJanuary 25, 2012

    You're right -- orange is tricky! I've been looking at chips for weeks and everything's too peach, too dark, etc, but I just need to bite the bullet. At this point, I'll be happy with anything non-hideous -- I really don't think my little guy will care as long as it's orange (his fave). Are you sure it's Autumn Fest cuz that chip looked pretty brown... maybe it's Autumn Orange? Thanks Erin!

  6. Sorry it took me so long to respond Katie- I couldn't find my sample anywhere so I went back to Home Depot to check, it was definitely Autumn Fest. Just goes to show how a more Brown looking color can look bright orange depending on the light. Good luck!