January 24, 2012

We Need to Clean the Closet Before we Remodel the Bathroom

Let me take you on a quick tour of my chaotic mind and household.  Those of you that read this blog regularly won’t be surprised that we’re finally gearing up for our next big bathroom remodel.  Thankfully Bath Crashers remodeled our Master Bathroom to get us started, and now we have the Main Bath and the Downstairs Bath left to go.  Remember how terrible that Main Bath is?

Holy yuck Batman.

But before we can get to swinging sledgehammers, my overly methodical brain is working through the process, and before we remove this potty, we’re going to have to make sure that the other one is ready to use so that we won’t have to get our sweat on and climb up the 8 half flights to use the Master every time nature calls.  What’s wrong with the other potty you ask?  (Yep, I just said potty twice while talking to adults.  I’m single-handedly making it mainstream.)  Well, it looks like this:


Let me back up for you. A couple of months ago our 5th Bedroom/Soon-To-Be-Workout Room looked like this:

Until one day the Hubs cleared it out while I was at work to do this:

Where did all the stuff go you ask?  Well, he haphazardly chucked some of it in the Exercise Room closet until it looked like this:

And what he couldn’t fit in the closet he chucked in the Downstairs Bath, bringing us full circle to this:

Why did he place this stuff in the bathroom you ask?  Because it was close... Because he was being lazy... There are so many options really.  All I know is that suddenly my little man was calling the Downstairs Bath “Junkyard Junction” (he’s a condescending little guy, no?) and nearly simultaneously the Hubs started complaining, “That bathroom is a complete disaster, we really need to clean it.”  All the while I tried to muster every bit of patience and maturity I had not to yell, “THE BATHROOM WOULDN’T BE JUNKYARD JUNCTION IF WE YOU HADN'T HAVE THROWN ALL THAT GARBAGE IN THERE.”

Whew.  That feels better.

So all of this is to say that we need to clean out the Workout Room closet, so that we can put the stuff from the Downstairs Bath in there, so we can clear a path to that potty, and tear out the potty upstairs.  Or in short, we can’t remodel the bathroom until we clean the closet.  Disaster Closet #3.  I told you it was chaos around here.  

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