June 11, 2012

Painting the Playroom 2.0

Not long after the Hubs and I took 5 hours to bring the Loft from this:

To this:

I wasn't shocked at all when then next day I went to work and came home to find our Playroom looking like this:

 Which is why earlier this week I showed you a photo of our newly cleaned Nursery looking like this:

It's all for a good cause though, because it mean the gross carpet in this room is going hardwood.

I don't know what those stains are, and I don't want to know.

So the Hubs emptied this room, went to work, and promised to get started on the new floors the next day.  Which left me approximately 1 evening to tackle a project that's been gnawing at me for months.  Painting the Playroom.

Spoiler alert: I accidentally painted the room the same color.  Well, that's not entirely true.  My concern from the beginning was that the minty tone to the walls didn't work with the orange, navy and grass green accents I was trying to bring in.  Here's the wall color next to one of my Flor tiles.

While I wanted to take this a little more grass green, I chickened out at the hardware store.  I didn't have time to do my usual "pick up a dozen paint swatches and live with them for at least 24 hours to see the paint in different light." So I spent about 20 minutes in the store (under their different light boxes, outside to see the swatches in natural light, back inside to the light boxes...) and in the end I chose Artichoke by Martha Stewart, which felt like a lighter green that wouldn't be too dark in a playroom, but had much more yellowish-green undertones than the minty-green I was currently working with.  As you can see in the pic above though, it unfortunately wasn't a dramatic change from the current color. 

I've tried to take photos in nearly every different light, but I'm having a hard time photographing the color exactly.  In the end its much more bright, much more yellow, much less pastel.  But really, if I'm being honest, you can barely tell. I like it better though, and that's what really matters in the end right?  You'll have to wait  to see a photo though, because the paint was barely dry before the floors started to go in, and that's a post for tomorrow!  

We've been really busy around here (a ticking clock in the shape of a baby will do that to you.)  What about you guys?  Any major projects over the weekend?  Did you prefer to stay outside and enjoy the summer sun?  Luckily we found plenty of time for relaxing, and gardening too!

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