January 9, 2014

Cover It Up

You'd think by my lack of posting lately that I've been on a break from projects.  No such luck- (right Hubs?)  It's true that we definitely slowed our pace to make time for work and holidays and book reading and puzzle assembling and kitchen dance parties, but we didn't hault projects all together.  Let's be honest- I have no idea how.  So let's spend a little time moving forward catching you up on some of the projects we've tackled, and then we'll get started on a bunch of fun projects we have planned for the cabin.  I can't even tell you guys how excited I am for cabin projects by the way.  I'm literally up at night, laying in bed planning layouts and sequence order! 

First things first- looking back through photos I realized I never updated you on the finished product of the Double Lounger!  Sure, I showed you this:

 But anyone that's seen a Minnesota winter knows that I couldn't stop there.  The next step was to create a outdoor cover for the whole thing to protect the piece from the elements.  I picked up 5 yards of outdoor vinyl at my fav discount fabric store Mill End Fabrics, and with coupon it was just $14.99.  

My plan was to use the same processes I used to create the crib skirt in the Nursery, except this time around I would need to sew the sides to each other as well, basically making a 5 sided box. The hardest part was trying to cut all of these big panels perfectly straight.  I used two T-Squares and a measuring tape.

If you're trying to make something like this at home, here's my cut list:

One (1) piece to cover full top- mine was 40" x 72"
Two (2) pieces to drop down from the top to the floor at the head and foot- mine were 40" x 12"
Two (2) pieces to drop down from the top to the floor on the sides- mine were 72" x 12".

Next I pinned them all together, (right sides together), and began what I though would be quick sewing.  It didn't go so well.  This thick and heavy fabric put up a fight.

I used a denim grade needle for extra strength, and nylon thread for longer tern durability.

The weight of the full fabric was super hard to navigate evenly through the machine though.  Sometimes it would slip and cause huge variations in my nice straight lines.

And sometimes the machine would have to pull so hard that the bobbin would get caught.  Which is the turds.

But finally, after a process that took twice as long as I expected, I had a cover.  And I was just in time.

PS- remember when we just started this project and they were building the house next door?

Bam- house. 

Here's hoping all that good tree cover comes back and sticks around come this spring.

I took in the cushion and stored it under our bed for the season, just so a family of mice don't start squatting, but the rest of the piece is ready to handle the Minnesota Winter.  And boy is it ever.

Looking at this pic I'm praying that I didn't make a huge mistake leaving the ceramic garden stool out there.  Does anyone know how they handle the cold?  Is my cute little side table margarita platform going to be in pieces this Spring?  Say it isn't so.

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  1. Looks great! I have never attempted to sew vinyl...I think my results would look like the wonky picture above.