May 29, 2014

Lighting the Cabin

In a reno there are a lot of huge projects.  Building walls, adding doors, laying new flooring.  There's also super labor intensive projects like striping wallpaper, scraping ceilings and finishing furniture.  But sometimes, it's the little projects that make a huge difference.  Like lighting.  Glorious lighting.

This new Dining Room light is a game changer, and it took only about 30 minutes to install.  It says rustic, but it says modern.  And I'm in love with it.

I had been eying up similar versions at Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn, both of which were definitely out of this Little-Cabin-That-Could's budget.  And then magically, has my Dad and I were shopping Menard's for supplies, I suggested we run through the lighting department quick, and this beauty was hanging with sale tag on it for just $109.  The perfect size.  The perfect budget.  I couldn't contain my excitement.

You might be noticing another fun upgrade- the new Dining Room table.  Our extended family recently sold the big family cabin that both my Mom and I grew up spending our summers and holidays at.  This table stood as a gathering point there for decades.  We were thrilled to bring this beautiful piece over to our cabin to bring on generations of more meals, board games and memories. 


But that's not all- the pendants got an upgrade too!

 This pair from Lowe's are the perfect compliment to the dining table light.  Enough similarity to draw them together, but enough difference to make them unique in their own way.

But that's still not all.  Remember this bare bulb I left you with in the kitchen?


This light is also from the Allen and Roth collection at Lowe's, which I've come to love for their modern styles and low prices.  I touched up the paint on the ceiling and put a first coat on the window, but I'm definitely going to need at least another coat of paint.  Try to envision this though with the paint done, and a beautiful apron front sink actually centered below the window.  It's going to be amazing.

Back in our new Entryway/Dining Room, I'm just so thrilled with how everything is coming together.  I still need to hang some pieces to the right of the bench to fill up that empty wall where the door swings open. 

But let's look at my favorite part- the before and afters.

Move In Day
Add the Bedroom
Add the door, lighting and table

Huzzah for progress!  I'll be staring at these photos non-stop until we can get up North again and back to work!


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2014

    Where do you get cool light bulbs like the ones over the dining room table?!

    1. All of the Edison Lightbulbs were included with the fixtures I bought, but I've also seen them for sale at both Home Depot and Lowe's.