March 11, 2015

Bunk House Room Headboards

Let's take a break from our big fireplace reno to talk a little bedroom upgrade.  You may recall that the new third bedroom we built has a pair of twin beds, and I created this mood board from the room we're calling the "Bunk House Room."

So far I've sewn ticking stripe bedding and hung navy roman shades, but there is still a lot of work to do.

I figured that the quickest, and easiest bang for our buck would be a pair of headboards.  I was thinking something rustic out of burlap, perhaps like this:

Unfortunately mine can't go quite as tall as one of my beds is directly under a window.  I started by cutting some scrap wood to size (40" x 24") and wrapping it with batting and burlap.  It was a little too plain as is, so I took a little risk with some hand painting. 

First I taped off two wide lines.

Filled it in with navy paint-

And surprisingly, even with the texture of the burlap, the lines stayed pretty sharp when I removed the tape.

It was still a little too plain though, so I taped off a skinnier stripe on either side of the thick ones.

It's a little rough, but I wanted it to have a rustic/aged look.

The multi-stripe approach was definitely better.

You'll have to forgive these next photos, as I'm usually not at the cabin long enough to wait for the perfect lighting in this room, but here's what they look like up on the walls.

Had I to do it over again, I'd pick a darker color burlap.  I was afraid at the store to introduce too many colors to the room so I stuck with a cream burlap, but it blends with the wall color a little too much for my liking. It does look great with that ticking stripe though.

And here's what it looks like on the other side.

Man, this wall needs some love- right?  I have plans for that night stand and lamp, but we definitely need some art for above the bed.  I played around with placement for a bit first.

Now just to find the perfect collection of art that works together and everyone likes.  (No small feat!)  I'd also like to get a little something over above the light switch, perhaps something with utility like a hook for a set of binoculars or a small basket that could hold important items like the cabin log & receipts.  I'm keeping an eye out.  In the mean time, once I figured out the sizes that I liked for the wall art, it seemed like such a shame to take everything down and leave it bare.  So I pulled out a few of the framed art pieces that we have up at the cabin and put them up on the wall.  Some of these came with the cabin and some came from our previous family cabin when it was sold.  It's not perfect, but for now it's a nice rustic collection that works.

The heart piece on the bottom is actually a tile from our previous cabin a few decades back.  It's kind of fun to bring a piece of that history all the way here to a brand new wall we built ourselves. 

So there we go- it's not the big change that I have imagined, but it's progress!

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