January 26, 2015

Ticking Stripe in the Bedroom

Now that all three bedrooms are complete at our Cabin Up North, I've been itching to get them decorated and complete.  It's not that easy though, three full bedroom remodels will take a decent amount of cash.  Money isn't the only hurdle either, I also really want these rooms to feel well worn and lived in.  I don't want them cluttered with stuff, but carefully curated to include items that are useful, while providing a since of history and comfort.  Less is more up here, and I want all the things we include to feel like they've been up here for decades.  

You may recall this is the plan for the Bunk House Room, otherwise known as our new third bedroom.
We've got our new window, but the bedding is currently stark white duvet inserts.

My Mom and Dad stay in this room primarily, and they've both made it clear to me that they don't want any stuffy bedding.  My Dad instructed that I couldn't even use a light weight cotton duvet over this white insert, as it gets too heavy.  I figured that the resolution was layers.  Layers not only look pretty, but they're very useful.  You can layer up for cold winter nights, and peel back to a lightweight blanket in the summer. 

My mood board highlights ticking stripe bedding, which I love for it's soft but strong utility and vintage look.  What I don't love is the price I was finding at West Elm & Pottery Barn.  So armed with a handful of coupons, I headed to the fabric store to pick up 6 yards of ticking stripe on sale at half price, plus an additional 25% off.  It was like stealing.

My plan was to make 2 shams and 2 large throw blankets to place at the end of each bed.  For the shams I used this tutorial.   For the blankets I found a soft navy blue fabric for the back, placed the right sides together and basically sewed a giant pillow case.

Then I flipped the blanket right side out, and pinned all around to sew 2 hems, a half inch from each other, to finish it.


The hardest part was just keeping all my fabric flat and smooth.  It was pretty simple over all, and I love how the double hem on the edge turned out.
 Which brings our room from this:

(Pre-window install- I'm so glad that door got the boot!)
To this:

We folded over the throw on each bed to show a little navy and a little ticking stripe. 

We grabbed a couple of navy throw pillow from the screened in porch, which look good in front of our simple sham.  I still need headboards for this room, but I think you're starting to get the idea.


You may have also noticed that we added a couple of roman shades to the room.  These Real Simple wireless roman shades add the privacy, darkening and thermal lining we were looking for, all with a really clean design.  They look great in both windows, even though the windows are both really different, tying them together.

The coolest part is how they raise though.  You just give them a slight tug, and they go up slowly by themselves.  We tricked the kiddos into thinking it was magic.  Because lying to your kids for entertainment is fun.

So we're making progress.  Next up is headboards and artwork, and then down the road we'll work on doing a fun paint treatment to those nightstands. 

So that's how I got ticking stripe blankets and shams at a fraction of the price of one duvet.  It's starting to come together!


  1. Question. Will you remove the closet so you can place the beds next to eachother? Thanks for a great blog!

    1. That's not currently in the plans. We definitely want a closet in this room so that it can be an actual bedroom, and unfortunately there's no other place to put it in this small room. I really wanted to put the beds next to each other, but I just couldn't make it work.

    2. Is a closet that important? I would rather put a dresser and a chair to the right when going into the room and have the beds next to each other on the opposite wall. But we never hang clothing when we are in our cabin. Everything in drawers instead.

      If a closet is really important and I was as good with tools as you are I would build a narrow closet and put it to the right of the door. Where there actually are some room for a closet. Even though perhaps not a full depth version, but it is a cabin. You could reuse the wood from the existing closet but make it more narrow and remove the door and hang a rod inside the door frame with some nice fabric.

      I would most definitely remove the big bulky hungry thing in the corner. I think that it is too big for the space. That is what I would do. Looking forward to see how you will handle the fireplace! The doors for the TV is genius!

    3. Good thoughts. The closet can be tricky to work around, so someday we may consider a bigger change, I definitely like your idea. In the mean time I have some much bigger and uglier fish to fry. (Like that insane bathroom and my current sidewalk to nowhere!) Thanks for the great idea!