October 14, 2014

The Bunk House Bedroom Design

So far we've taken a look at the first two bedroom design plans for our Cabin Up North; the Knots Room and The Boathouse.  Now it's time to move on to our third and final bedroom design, the new, little third bedroom that we created earlier this year.  Number three on the far left:

You may recall that we recently did a little furniture switcheroo in this room trying to find the perfect placement, and we settled on separating the twin beds. 

Important note: that door and dark paneling that is currently behind the bed is on it's way out, soon to be replaced with a window.  I know what you're thinking: "You've been promising us a window all summer.  We don't want to hear the labor pains, we want to see the baby."  (You were thinking that exactly, weren't you?)  Well good news my friends, this week is window week, and I promise next week I'll have an update for you in it's full doorless glory.   But in the meantime and for the sake of this post, please try to visualize a bright sunny window there surrounded by bright, Aged Beige paint.

Now that we're on the same page, I give you the Bunk House:

Although this room doesn't host bunk beds yet (it may someday), this design was based off what I imagined as a high end boy scout camp, and what their bunk houses would look like.

1. We'll start by creating simple, rustic headboards wrapped in navy striped burlap. This will be really affordable, but make a big statement in the room.  It will also help tie the two beds together, even though we have them separated and in different directions. 

2. The brand new beds both currently host lightweight white duvets and white with light blue print sheets.  We'll stick with that simplicity, but add a ticking stripe throw blanket to the end of each bed.  Like fashion, comfortable bedding can be achieved by layers.  Lightweight duvets, and even just sheets, do the trick on hot summer nights, but adding throw blankets and quilts can create a warm and cozy bed in the winter.

3. There's not a lot of room for furniture in this room, but each bed will host a vintage nightstand that we acquired with the house.  They are both really different, but we'll paint them both with this weathered blue look to make them cohesive and much more interesting.

4. Window coverings are tricky in this room, since one window will be directly above a bed and one is located on the side of a bed, with the bed pushed directly up against the wall.  Full length curtain panels were out, so we decided on navy roman shades. Usually I'm not a fan of the way a roman shade still blocks a portion of the light and your view in the up position, but I hope to hang these up above the window in an outside mount to avoid that.  We'll see how it goes.  To save your fingers from scrolling, here's our mood board again:
5. This image represents the wood cedar wall, ceiling and closet door that are already in this space.  They are a little tricky to work with given the strange placement (the wood only partially covers one wall), but I think it adds to the rustic charm of the room.  As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"

6.  There isn't a ton of extra wall space, but a collection of small images like these hung above the headboard of the bed closest to the door will fill up that brand new wall we built. 

7.  Both functional and interesting, we'll make a set of wall hooks to hang behind the door and just to the left as you enter the room to hang clothes, bags and equipment like binoculars or an umbrella. 

8. How fun would a couple of statement lamps like these look on our pair of nightstands?  The camp lights maybe a bit too much, but we'll keep our eye out for something fun and vintage to serve as reading lights for our two beds. 

So there it is, our third and final cabin bedroom plan.  These rooms are going to come together over time as we find items and as budget allows, so don't expect any immediate, perfectly styled "Big Reveal" posts.  I'll definitely show you the progress, and all the details as we go along though.  I'm hoping that we can take care of window treatments and some affordable wall art pretty quickly which will make a big impact.  But first, I need to get to work on that window.

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