May 23, 2011

#56- This is the Project that Doesn't End

Let's chop this project up to worse one so far, shall we?  After 4 hours of painting the trim & cabinets in the Laundry Room, the rest of that wretched wing of the house was laughing in my face.  You see, the previous owners had at some point painted all the natural oak wood white.  This is a concept that I'm not at all unfamiliar with, since we did the same thing in the basement of our Bungalow, and have seriously considered it for our Kitchen here at The Lodge.  Unfortunately, the previous owners may not have put their best foot forward in this endeavor, because the result was this:

Windows were painted, and then it looks like closed before they were fully dry, chipping the paint.

Thin layers of paint barely cover the wood in some places

More closing of the windows before the paint dried.

Dents and dings are everywhere

Door paint was just put on in 1 coat, leaving the original wood color still showing through in some areas, as well as drips of thick white paint in other areas. 

In general, it gave the home that, "I'm a Meth user" feel.  Instead of making everything feel crisp and bright white, it felt dirty and dingy.  So Saturday morning I armed myself with a gallon of decorator white door and trim paint, and got after the hallway, Guest Bedroom and Playroom.  I figured it would take about and hour, maybe 2 at most.  Wrong!  Perhaps it was all the cutting in and taping, not to mention all the chiseling, sanding and scraping of the old paint, but this beast of a project just wouldn't end!  Six hours later when the Hubby returned home, I was still at it. (Ryder was my little helper throughout the day, so we did have to take a lot of breaks for toy fixing, potty time and dance parties.)

The sad part is that since I was just painting the trim and not the entire rooms, the change was really minimal, and all my hard work didn't seem to make that big of an impression.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad I took the time, because it seriously took the home from Foreclosure to Home Ownership, it was just a whole lot of work for just the icing on the cake so to speak. 

Here's a few of those "Not quite as impressive as I was hoping" shots to prove my point:


Guest Bedroom


Better?  Yes.  Dramatic change to the home?  Not so much.  It certainly makes the Cappuccino White in the hallway pop, and the makes the gray in the Guest Bedroom nice and crisp.  Which means I can't wait to get started with the new color in the playroom, which you can see by the photo above that I'm still working with samples.   Cars on the road between The Lodge and Home Depot watch out, I'm coming through!

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