May 16, 2011

#60 Part 2- I Didn't Get the Memo

Here's a recap on Friday's post twitter style:

Found gorgeous yellow and gray fabric, only $3.14, made throw pillow for Guest Bedroom, have plenty left over to make memo board.

Let me first explain that the reason we are placing a memo board in the Guest Bedroom, is that we are putting our desk in this room.  Why place a desk in the Guest Bedroom when we have other spaces like The Loft?

1. We don't have a lot of furniture, so this piece will help fill the room.
2. Most of our office-style work is actually done on our laptops, anywhere in the house we find comfortable at the time, so an office doesn't really work for how we live.
3. It's much more likely I'll use this desk for sewing or random craft/DIY projects, so having this desk nearby a big, mostly empty closet will be ideal. 

Side Note: The Guest Bedroom is not to be confused with a "Craft Room." (Shudder) Work Room = Bad Ass.  Craft Room = Not So Much.

But I digress, so the desk goes in the Guest Bedroom, and the memo board goes over the desk to place inspiration items, photos, etc...  Here's what we started with:

This used to hang in our back entryway in The Bungalow, and was a great place to display wedding invites, baby announcements, etc...  The cherry wood stain and red patterned fabric aren't going to roll in The Lodge though.  Step 1- Take the board out of the frame, and paint the frame with a coat, make that two, of primer.

While waiting for the paint to dry, Step 2- Remove staples and old fabric from board.

Step 3- Staple new fabric tightly onto memo board.

Step 4- Cut ribbon strips to fit and staple onto board.  I scored 3 yards of white ribbon for just $2.50.

Step 5- Attach buttons to the memo board at each of the ribbon intersections.  I was able to pick up 5 of these, exactly the number I needed, for just 90 cents.  Score.  Here's a sneaky little trick... if you use dental floss as the thread, the buttons will stay on securely and the thread will never break.  And your memo board will smell minty fresh.

Step 6- After a quick light sanding, apply glossy white paint to the frame.  After it dries, place the new memo board back in the frame and viola!

Total cost of this additional project, $3.40 for the ribbon and buttons.  Yes sir, for less than my fav cup of coffee (skim latte with half a shot of caramel), I can now enjoy this lovely memo board for years to come.  I know I said in this post that I could do the Guest Bedroom remodel on the cheap, but I'm starting to get downright cocky now. Just wait until you see what I have in store for the curtains!

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