June 20, 2011

Bath Crashers- Master Bathroom Reveal Video

Here's the little video tour I promised you of our new Master Bedroom.  You can view it only if you promise not to make fun of my boring narration.  The video cut out abruptly at the end, but right at the end, so I think it was the universe's way of sparing you all from another second of my droning voice.  (Thank you universe for your passive aggressive edit.) 

I hope this helps answer some of the layout questions that a few of you have been asking.  It also shows you some of the fun gadgets in the room like our super toilet, lighting and shower.  Have I told you how much I love my shower yet?

UPDATE: Follow our whole Bath Crashers Experience Here:
Bath Crashers- What it was Really Like


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  2. Found your blog through YHL. What a great blog and a great house for exploring everything DIY! In case you'd like to include this in your post, I found your Bath Crashers episode! http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/video/player/0,1000643,DIY_33170_8261_63403-84563,00.html

  3. I like your show it would be to have my bath redone money is tied for us right now