October 18, 2011

#178- 1-2-3 Contact

The other day when I was taking photos for our updated house tour, I realized that this rarely photographed area of our kitchen was in need of some work.

The storage is phenomenal, and I like that the glass cupboards break up all the wood a bit, but it still feels pretty boring.  "Make Glass Cabinets More Interesting" suddenly became #177 on The List.  Can I please stop adding items to The List and finish the ones I have?  Luckily,  I remembered back to a roll of contact paper I bought back when we lived in The Bungalow and somehow made the trip to the new house with us in the "crafts 'n stuff" box.

The color was right, the pattern was interesting, and the most important part- it was free.  So I measured the backs of my cabinets and cut my pieces to size.  The kind folks over at ConTact made things super easy for me by marking a grid and measurements right on the back.  (ConTact in no way paid for my mentions, I'm just a huge fan of dummy-proof design.)

Then I used the squeegee left over from Ry's gear wall art to smooth the contact paper onto the backs of the cabinets.

Leaving me with this:

And once I replaced the shelves and dishes, viola-

Pretty nice little free update, huh?  Unfortunately, with the big windows directly across from this wall, the glare on the glass makes the color a lot less noticeable with the doors shut. 

Perhaps I should line the cookbook shelf too?  Or maybe just cover the cookbooks with fun book covers?

I've still got a little more work to do here, but not bad for a 10 minute, free upgrade.

I'm not a fan of the big black microwave, or any of the black appliances in this room for that matter, but they are all high end, and relatively new, so it would be hard for me to justify trading them all out for stainless, especially when we wouldn't be able to afford the high end features that these ones currently have. Not with all the projects we still have left on the list.  So for now, the appliances stay.  But at least my little pop of apple green color gives this side of the room some interest.


  1. You can always cover some of your appliances with a stainless steel film. Kinda cheating but it might give everything a little sparkle if that's what you're looking for.


  2. Wow- that's a really cool idea. I'm not sure it would work great for our oven, but I really want a new (gas) cook top anyway. I wonder if it looks as good in person and if it's durable/wears well. I'd love to try it!