October 11, 2011

#82- O is for Organization

Last week we added the new Flor rug to the Playroom, and it has got me super motivated (even more than usual) to get this room looking great.  We have a long way to go, but I thought I start with a few updates to our Ikea Expedit shelf for storage and decor.  

Here's where we started with; just a few storage bins, and a lot of staggered well... stuff.

And here's the update:

I added a few more orange buckets from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot to coordinate with the orange in my sassy new floor.

I also found these great blue bins at the Dollar Store, for- you guessed it, 1 clam each.  That's cheaper than Jersey Shore hair extensions.

For $1.59 each at Home Depot I was able to pick up a couple of 2 packs of these key chain labels which I could attach to each bucket to keep my anal retentiveness alive and well.   If obsessive organization is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Only at my house is there a basket in the Playroom just for capes.  We literally can't leave the house without one.  It's getting to be a bit concerning.

While I was at it I did a few reprints of the playroom art I made earlier  to spruce up the colors a bit and have them play off the rug. 

I also added a clock we had hanging out in the Exercise Room place where decor goes to die, so that everyone was on the same page in terms of nap and bed time.

So just a few updates today, but I have a fun curtain project for this room I can't wait to show you later this week, as well as a play table I plan to build, and some more organization in the closet.  (I know, I know, try to contain your excitement.

In the mean time, I'm looking for your opinion.  What do you think about the wall behind the cube shelf?  Should I paint it so the the backs of the shelves are a different color than the rest of the walls? I feel like it needs a little more, but I can't decide which color.  As always- suggestions are totally appreciated.  


  1. I vote yes to the wall color and either a nice orange or a butterscotch yellow. Still colorful but more adult than kid-like. I love the organization and if you can get Ryder to keep things that organized, you will be my new hero (cape and all).

  2. Perhaps my OCD is wearing off on my kiddo (God forbid), but Ry is actually very particular about putting his toys back in the right bucket. He can't read, but he still knows exactly which buckets are which. "No Mommy, that's not a car, it's a Lego car, so it goes in the Lego box." He also needs his shoes to match his shirt everyday. I've created a monster.

  3. Love the storage. We have many of the Ikea Expedit units in our home and love them! I chose not to paint the wall behind our unit; but I have heard of people using scrapbooking papers for a less permanent solution!

  4. I love the scrapbook paper idea! Then you could just do a few, and not all of them. Hmm...